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‘Hawaii Five-0’ recap: ‘Ku I Ka Pili Koko’ tricked and trapped


Hawaii Five-0


Steve and Danny find a man beaten and tied up inside an abandon building. The man warns them there is a bomb on the premise but it’s too late. There is an explosion and the three of them are trapped.

But first, we get to see what happened 14-hours prior, leading up to the event. Danny brings his girlfriend Amber home for a “sleepover.” The next morning, daughter Grace, gets to meet Amber, who is wearing nothing but her daddy’s shirt. Everyone is surprised there.

Unable to find comfort in Steve’s words of wisdom about the situation, Danny gets a break when they get called to visit an inmate by the name of Jason Decker. Jason, eager for a deal, gives them a tip about a large shipment of weapons coming to the island.

Fast forward to present day and we see the aftermath of the explosion…crumbled concrete, floating dust particles and a battered Danny trapped beneath the rubble. Outside, Kono finds Chin who is a little shaken but okay. Steve finds Danny and begins lifting concrete and steel from off and around him. The other guy who was near death is now dead. Steve is successful in removing heavy items from around Danny including a small object stuck in his abdomen. Ouch! Danny quotes baseball jargon and gibberish to take his mind of things.

Miraculously, Steve has on-hand a bottle of peroxide (?) to pour into the wound and duct tape to hold Danny together. Praise be! They start making a few steps to nowhere. After all, the building has collapsed over and around them.

Chin and Kono are chastising Jason Decker for his false intel, but he swears it was good. Kono accuses him of setting Five-0 up out of revenge for placing him in his new home in the first place. However, as Decker explains it, why would he do that when he’s trying to get to better prison digs.

Danny has a question. Who is this dead guy who warned them about the bomb? He searches the body and finds a camera rigged on it. Suddenly, Steve’s cell phone rings. It’s Catherine and being the genius that he is, Steve takes a photo of the corpse and sends it for identification. It turns out the deceased is Jason Decker’s brother, Marcus. Marcus was a do-gooder going to law school. Unfortunately he was used to send a message to Jason for his “federal informant ways.” Or so this is what everyone thought. Naturally, Jason is heartbroken.

Back at the trap, Steve finds a can to drink water from the newly discovered busted pipe. Don’t you love it when necessities are conveniently available so a plan can come together?

So Jason was actually set up by another convict who now gets set up for a private meeting with the angry and distraught Jason. Uh-oh. This can’t be good. Unfortunately, said convict gets to have his jaw wired for his troubles, but Five-0 is closer to learning what this is all about. Someone outside of prison may be trying to set up Five-0.

Since rescue workers are taking too long to free Steve and Danny, Steve “McGyvers” a plan of his own by using a pipe, lighter and other useful available tools. Those above hear a small explosion and movement beneath. Two shakes later, the guys are being hoisted up to safety. Danny is walking remarkably well for a man who had something the size of a hammer sticking out of his tummy.

The detectives’ investigation leads to ex-CIA agent Edward Cobb as the person who used the convict as part of his elaborate scheme tricking Jason, killing the innocent Marcus Decker and luring Steve to a death trap. This is all about Steve McGarrett and his persistent noisiness. Cobb wants Steve to remain quiet and keep his nose out of this Cambodia business. We know that’s not going to happen.

Steve telephones Cobb two seconds before entering the man’s office. Apparently, Steve’s mother Doris killed Wo Phat’s mom instead of the dad and this is a big major concern. Rest assured, we will find out why. Steve had hoped to fish for more answers but Cobb made the mistake of reaching for his gun, so would else could Steve do but shoot him.

Tune in to ‘Hawaii Five-0’ on Fridays at 9:00 PM on CBS.

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