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‘Hawaii Five-0’ recap: ‘Ho’I Hou’ until next time

Ho'i Hou
Ho'i Hou

Hawaii Five-0


Chin and Jerry attend their 25th high school reunion entering the building Horatio Caine (CSI: Miami) style. Sunglasses on. Sunglasses off. As soon as the class time capsule is opened, a female is heard screaming over the PA system. Chin and Jerry are the only men there brave enough to investigate apparently.

They arrive in time to witness a woman fall over the stairwell and land on her own killer stiletto heels. Talk about weird. The victim, Laura Richmond, was the daughter of a macadamia nut tycoon. She was also Jerry’s high school crush and he is crushed. Pun intended? Maybe.

Meanwhile, Steve and Dan-O are off in the jungle trying to unravel the mystery behind the empty coffin. Danny is convinced Steve’s mother, Doris, is involved somehow and not in a good way. They return home to the lush jungles of Hawaii.

Five-O discover Laura withdrew a large sum of money from the bank and secretly paid for the medical expenses for Mrs. Johnson who happens to be the mother of fellow classmate Corey Johnson who disappeared 25 years ago. It’s starting to smell a lot like teen guilt spirit here. Ironically, it’s also been 25 years since Laura has been home.

Traces of a substance on Laura’s hands leads the gang to a photo shop where she dropped off a roll of film. Jerry develops the film which shows Laura’s brother Bradley, her boyfriend Alan and Corey in a picture taken the night Corey disappeared.

So now it’s back to the macadamia mansion where Laura’s other sister tell Five-0 that Bradley is out back in the maze. They soon find a grave conveniently opened and containing the remains of the missing Corey Johnson. A mud-covered Bradley is hiding in the maze. Five-0 is not familiar with ‘The Shining’esque maze, but luckily for them Kamekona is hovering above in tourist helicopter able to give them guidance. Naturally, Steve karate chops Bradley when he’s comin’ around the corner when he comes and the rest of Five-O instantly find Steve and Bradley’s location.

Bradley spills the beans. Twenty-five years ago, a jealous Alan killed Corey. It was an accident. He only wanted to teach Corey as lesson to stay away from his beloved Laura. They all agreed to cover it up until Laura returned home with a developed conscience. Alan couldn’t have his life and reputation ruined so he killed Laura and Bradley attacked Alan for killing his sister. Did Alan honestly think his secret meant more than Bradley’s flesh and blood? Kono delivers the devastating news to Corey’s mom.

Steve receives a phone call warning him to walk away from the “coffin in Cambodia” mystery. It doesn’t exist. Sure it does. Its pretty clear there is a coffin in the middle of the jungle all right.

Tune in next week for another fan built episode of ‘Hawaii Five-O’ on Friday at 9:00 PM on CBS.

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