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‘Hawaii Five-0’ recap and review: ‘Ma Lalo oka ili’ daughter dearest

Ma Lalo oka ili
Ma Lalo oka ili
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Hawaii Five-0


The latest episode of Hawaii Five-0 opens with a violent attack taking place inside a home leaving a teenage girl’s life in peril. Meanwhile, over at Danny’s house, his mom Claire fails in her attempt to sneak out of the house due to Danny’s ever detecting eye. And at Steve’s Hawaiian abode, Jerry is reluctant to leave his current living arrangement behind and fixes Steve a sumptuous breakfast. You can just smell the begging and bribing in that meal.

Five-O ventures over to Mr. Donovan’s home. Mr. Donovan is the gentleman who was attacked the night before. Unfortunately, he lost the battle and now his daughter Kelly is missing. Soon, all leads point to a young mechanic named Tommy and to make things even more interesting yet not surprising, Tommy and Kelly are runaway lovers.

Jerry and Steve’s roommate agreement gets “re-negotiated” after Jerry shows his deciphering skills.

Uh-oh. Little Romeo and Juliet get made by the cops and the cops get made by them. However, Tommy goes all ‘Fast and Furious’ on them, manages to escape and eventually ditches the stolen wheels.

Danny detects his mom has conferred with a divorce attorney. She has and even filed for a divorce.

Jerry goes ‘All Beautiful Mind’ on Steve and figures out that the markings on Steve’s dad’s mystery tool box points to a location in Cambodia.

According to Kelly’s best friend Amy, Kelly’s dad was a real daddy dearest who liked to beat, batter and bruise his daughter. Tommy robs a liquor store of $900 in order to support his girl. Oops, the teen lovebirds are made again by the cops and another car chase ensues. Back at the precinct, the team is doing what they do…gather the skinny. They discover this Kelly is a real piece of work. She faked those bruises shown in her photo in order to sucker Tommy into helping her. User!

The car chase has come to an end and the troubled teens are surrounded by cops, Kelly races out of the car shouting Tommy killed her father. He foolishly chases after her with a gun in his hand. Cops shoot and kill him. Tsk. You never run out carrying weapons all willy-nilly while law enforcement has you in their bull’s eye.

Why did Kelly do this you ask? Well, Kelly had visions of collecting money from daddy’s million dollar insurance policy in her head and needed a patsy as part of her plan. But the next time we see is her she’s back at the Hawaii Five-0 lock-up handcuffed to a chair claiming she’s been kidnapped. Not to worry. Steve and Kono have got her evil number. To Kelly’s great surprise (and disappointment), daddy let the insurance policy lapse so that he could pay for her college education. Lucky for her, they do have books in prison.

And Claire gets a surprise of her own. Danny flies in his father and reunite his parents for a re-enactment of their first date. Finally, the two have that long overdue heart-to-heart chat and the divorce card is off the Williams family table. Danny Williams – super detective and matchmaker extraordinaire.

Watch ‘Hawaii Five-0’ on Fridays at 8:00 PM on CBS.


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