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Get a faster MacBook Pro with a memory upgrade from Other World Computing

Other World Computing 8GB memory modules


In this age of hi tech, demand for information is greater than ever and it’s even more so for people on the go.

Memory module from Other World Computing
Photo courtesy of Other World Computing

In order get information as quickly as possible, certain laptop upgrades are worth the investment and one of the easiest and most affordable solutions is by adding more memory. For Apple computer users, Other World Computing (OWC) is an industry leader for hardware upgrades and accessories.

Adding RAM (random access memory) to a MacBook Pro is a relatively easy process as long as it done carefully. For this review, a 2012 model with a 13” screen, 2.5GHz Intel Core i5 and two memory slots was used. This particular MacBook Pro came preinstalled with 4GB of memory but for less than $110, memory purchased from OWC can be doubled. What’s more, Other World Computing’s memory modules come with a Lifetime Advance Replacement Warranty, a MaxRam Memory Certification and offers a trade-in rebate for old memory modules.

To test a computer’s memory speed, a benchmark app such as Xbench or Geekbench are easy to use and a powerful tool to compare performance after a memory upgrade. The results will show just how upgrading a computer’s memory can optimize performance in allocating blocks of data. OWC also has a complete section on benchmarks to assess performance before and after upgrading memory.

Before the installation process begins, it’s very important to never touch the metal conductors on the memory modules as they are highly sensitive to static charges and could be damaged. Although a good prevention measure is to use an anti-static wrist strap, simply touching the laptop’s metal case. For additional support, OWC provides install videos for all of its memory components and Apple also provides instructions in its Support section.

The laptop should then be powered off and completely unplugged, then placed onto a solid, flat surface, such as a table or desk. A soft cloth or towel can also be used to minimize the risk of scratches to the laptop during the installation process but carpet should never be used due to the risk of static discharge.

After placing the front of the laptop onto the surface, there are 10 screws to remove, some longer than the others. After noting the location of each screw, they’re set aside and the back case is removed. The two memory modules should be easy to spot and the levers on each side will release the module from the memory card slot. When inserting the first replacement module, the gold edge of the memory must be aligned in the lower memory slot. The module needs to be tilted, then pushed firmly into the slot. Using two fingers with firm, even pressure, the memory module should click into place. The second module is installed in exactly the same method in the top slot. The screws are then reinserted and the laptop can be powered on. If the booting process isn’t working properly, it’s a clear indication one or both memory modules were installed incorrectly. The entire installation process should take the average user just 10 minutes.

For this review’s purposes, the MacBook Pro booted up and by viewing About the Mac under the Apple icon at the top left of the screw, displays 8GB memory, thereby doubling the RAM from its original configuration. A second benchmark test will show how much a difference adding 4GB of memory can make to a MacBook Pro.

By doubling the memory of this test model, the benefits can oftentimes be dramatic in terms of performance. Applications will launch more quickly, browsers run more efficiently and multitasking is enhanced. For gamers, adding more memory will help the video game load more quickly and the game itself will run more efficiently.

Conclusion: Doubling RAM for less than $110 made a significant impact of the performance of the MacBook Pro. More RAM speeds up Web surfing, downloading, multitasking, gaming, transferring files, video editing and much more.

Recommendation: Purchase memory upgrades from a reliable source who specializes in Apple products and provides warranty protection, such as Other World Computing

Rating: 5 Stars

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