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'Haven: The Complete Fourth Season' DVD Review

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Haven: The Complete Fourth Season


Audrey Parker (Emily Rose) is an FBI Special Agent that was sent to Haven, Maine on assignment. Once there she has never left and has retired from the FBI to join the Haven Police Department. She becomes involved in the supernatural goings on that have affected this seaside community for generations. In the beginning she felt a connection to the mother she never knew. At times she feels that the memories that she has are not her own.

Audrey has partnered up with a detective by the name of Nathan Wournos (Lucas Bryant) and the two go after "The Troubles" which are what the townsfolk call the supernatural afflictions. Audrey has always felt that Haven's fate is connected with her own.

Season four opens with Duke Crocker (Eric Balfour) appearing from the burning barn and in Boston. At the end of season three he had jumped into the barn to save Audrey and you saw the barn implode. Now in Boston, Duke believes that maybe Audrey might not be dead since he is alive. Audrey is still missing and no one knows exactly where she is but since Nathan has left Haven he feels he must find out what happened. Duke is assisted by a girl by the name of Jennifer Mason (Emma Lahana) who herself has a connection to Haven and all it's mysteries.

The TV show is based on a Stephen King novella titled "The Colorado Kid" It has been on the SyFy channel for five seasons and this DVD set is the complete fourth season. In its run it has squired a good following and is very entertaining to watch.

Eone is bringing the DVD set to us on August 26, 2014. The quality of the set is impeccable and the visual and sound quality are the best. The DVD set comes with an original story in comic book form by story editor Nick Parker. Along with this DVD set you receive 13 "Inside Haven" featurettes along with interviews with some of the cast.

Haven is pure Sci Fi drama at its best and it's definitely worth your while to pick up this set along with sets 1-3 while your at it. This is one series that you will want to keep in your library at home.