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Have you tried that crazy WRAP thing?

These are my personal results after my 1st wrap post baby. Overall I lost 3.5inches total
These are my personal results after my 1st wrap post baby. Overall I lost 3.5inches total
Nakia Dewberry

Ultimate Body Applicator by It Works


For years celebrities have hid their beauty secrets and tricks. Lucky for us one has gotten out! The ULTIMATE BODY APPLICATOR a body wrap that helps to tone, tighten and decrease the appearance of cellulite (wherever it is applied) has become an “it” thing amongst celebrities. The body wrap applicator has even been given out in goody bags for high-end events like the Emmy’s and Oscars.
Like many of you, I frequent blogs and social media platforms. One day while skimming my social media, I saw someone talking about this “Crazy Wrap Thing and its parent company IT Works Global. I reached out about the product and eventually thought “why not?” and placed an order. My order shipped in about 4 days which I thought was rather quick for standard shipping.
After my first month of using the body wrap applicator and seeing a decrease in inches in my waist, hips, and dress size, I immediately asked how I too could become a distributor and spread this greatness in a box.
Speaking from a customer’s perspective I say the product works. I will say that the product works as hard as you are willing to work to improve your health and well-being. It is not a cheat system or instant weight loss miracle. Overall, the product helped me realize it was time to change my lifestyle and eating habits.
If you are looking to tone and tighten, or have a small pouch that just won't quit, I recommend giving it a try. It takes just 45 minutes to wrap and the results gradually increase over the following 3 days. The attached picture is my personal results from 1 wrap application after the birth of my daughter. I now wrap once a week and I am happy with my results.

Below are the steps to wrap properly:

1. Wash the desired area with a damp cloth and mild soap. Do not apply lotion or any other products that may block your pores.

2. Take a before picture. You'll love seeing your results.

3. Track your measurements- use a tape measure and measure below the chest area, over the navel and 3 inches below the navel. I find it easy to mark where I measured with a marker to ensure my measurements are accurate.

4. Open the Ultimate Body Applicator and rub the wrap together so that the natural ingredients are spread evenly over the wrap.

5. Apply the ultimate body applicator to the desire location and use the Fab Wrap to keep the applicator in place.

6. Wait a minimum of 45 minutes before removing the body wrap. During this time you should drink at least 2 bottles of water. ( I try to drink about a gallon if you can do it!) Drinking water helps improve your results so chugging is ok ;

7. Take the applicator off and rub the remaining lotion into your skin. Do not wash the excess lotion off.

8. Measure to see your results. Measure the same areas from step #2.

9. Take an after picture for review.

10.Continue to drink water over the next couple of days

11.Take measurements over the next 3 days. Results are gradual over a 3 day period

12.Do not repeat the wrapping process before 72 hours

I will warn you in advance be prepared to pee a lot and drink LOTS of water. I have noticed when I increase my water consumption my results are doubled.

For more information on the Ultimate Body Applicator please visit or email

*This review is based off of personal testimony and is in no way a guarantee of individual results. The opinion stated is based off of results before I became a distributor and was paid for as a regular consumer.

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