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Have you tried Powerstrips?



If you have not, and you have pain , you need to find a consultant in your area, while still they are still in pre-launch. The company launches in this March. This examiner was skeptical in the beginning, but when the testing began ended up being pleasantly surprised.(Each strip was worn for 48 hrs a piece.)

The consultant that introduced the powerstrips in Lisa Roberts. Lisa sent me the strips to test from Canada. Here is a bit about Lisa, straight from her: I live in Northern Ontario Canada(Hawk Junction). I am the proud mom 5 wonderful healthy kids (ages 4-16). I love reading , being outdoors, camping, traveling, making new friends. I exercise 5-6 times a week, enjoy researching health, I love juicing. But the most precious moments of my day are the ones I spend with my family. I have always had a passion for health & fitness. In the past I have helped people with improving health, weight loss, fitness plan….. I did this as a hobby for years, because I love to do it. When my husband was hurt in the mines 5.5 yrs ago (back injury, with nerve damage). I decided I needed to help out financially to help out the family. So I got to work to research many wellness companies. Taking 1 yr before making a decision, I wanted a company that I would feel good using every single product, and also being able to give them to my kids. So I joined Forevergreen, this gave me the nutritional tools to continue to do what I love to do, help other live healthier lives. I started sharing with others this incredible business, and in November 2012 I went to the Las Vegas leadership summit. At this conference and new product & division was announced. Powerstrips by FG Xpress (Forevergreen Xpress). A product that helps the body naturally reduce inflammation, pain relief, increase energy and so much more….. I knew that this was something that so many other needed. So now I have added Powerstrips to my tool box . The results that I have personally witness with this product is amazing. I love being able to get out there everyday and help make a difference in people’s physical health. FgXpress has been in pre-launch for one year now. With our launch in MArch 2014 back in Las Vegas. My goals is to help as many people as I can, with health, fitness & business. I am a positive leader who supports & encourages others. The more people out there feeling good, making their dreams come true, the better the world around us will be. To know more about Powerstrips & FgXpress visit my websites below

Below is my experience with the powerstrips that Lisa sent me to try:

Whatever is in it, truly did work. This examiner logged her journey on the blog: . In the blog entries, it was tested on four different spots on this examiner. The first of the four spots to be tested with the powerstrips was the lower back down where hips and tail bone meet.For this examiner that is a real problem spot with two disks driving this examiner crazy. After application of the strip, there was a noticeable difference right away. In this area is where this examiner deals with a bit of frozen hip when I bend over to pick up things like laundry, or my dog to put him on my lap.Upon application the frozen spot practically disappeared upon application, and this examiner was able to move with more ease than she has in years. It was wonderful.

The second spot in this test of powerstrips was smack in the middle of my back, where this examiner has scaring still from where the needle went in for the c-sections I had, and ended up with a permanent hotspot in my back. Once the strip was applied, as the with the first there was a noticed difference. The noticed difference came in the form of the temperature in the spot dropping about 15 degrees. It felt great!

The third spot in the powerstrips test was where the shoulders and neck meet. The problem that this area has is like the lower back two disk that was giving this examiner fits. But the only difference was you also had to factor in the heat problem also. It was a blessing to be able to move the neck back and forth without pain, even it was for a short time. There was also no neck popping or crackling to contend with as this examiner slept during the night.

Finally the last spot that was put through the powerstrips test was the shoulder/neck area on the right side, probably around the rotator cuff area is what I would call it. It another spot that not only gets sore frequently, but as with 3 out of the four tested areas, has a a heat factor to calculate in for one reason or another. Once again upon application, there was a very noticed difference. It mainly had to do once again with the heat factor, that area dropped about 20 degrees and felt fabulous. More movement was even restored, and not waking up with that area sore was a blessing in disguise. (For those who end up with their arm above their head when they sleep will know what this examiner is talking about.)

All and All this examiner can honestly say this product does work. Thanks also go out to Lisa Roberts for introducing me to this product in the pre-launch phase. I appreciate it.

Once again take the time to stop by Lisa Roberts page at:

Let her know that Nannette sent you.

Thanks again Lisa for your participation in the 2014 year of trying new things....

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