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Have you ever smelled the scent of an Orange Blossom?

Pink Zebra Orange Blossom Sprinkles


If you have that is great. But if you have not and have wondered what an Orange Blossom smells like, then get with your local Pink Zebra Representative in your area.

The Orange Blossom Sprinkles from Pink Zebra are truly a sensory vacation.

This scent transports you to an open grove of Orange Blossoms just about to bloom.

This scent was one of the strongest ones that have ever been around.

Not only did this scent fill my guest bathroom with a pleasant scent, but practically the entire house.

From the time in the morning, afternoon, or evening it was turned on to the time it was turned off during the testing week the scent carried into the night .

When your home smells great in the early evening before you head to bed, it gives you a more restful night's sleep.

The orange blossom sprinkles definitely do fit the bill of a restful night experience.

These sprinkles can be highly recommended for a sensory staycation, a great way to wind down your day.

So if you are a fan of the Orange Blossom, then go get some Orange Blossom Sprinkles from your local Pink Zebra Representative and book a Pink Zebra Party while you are at it.(You will not regret the decision to book a party,it is worth it.)

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