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Have the scent of homemade sugar cookies without all the baking!

Pink Zebra Sugar Cookie Sprinkles


How many of you bakers love making homemade sugar cookies all year around? For the ones that make them at the holidays, would you like to have the scent fill your home not just at the holidays?

This examiner recently got through testing the Sugar Cookie scent of Pink Zebra Sprinkles, and it was a delicious smell. Though it did not smell like a traditional sugar cookie to the senses, it did have that feel.

When you think of a traditional sugar cookie, you think of Sugar, and Vanilla being the predominate flavors that make a sugar cookie, a sugar cookie.

There is a hint of vanilla smell in these sprinkles, and a hint of the sugar smell, but as mentioned before not as prominent as what is associated with a traditional sugar at least in this examiner's home.

Mr. examiner with his sensitive nose said the scent is not what he associated with a sugar cookie. It really depends on how much you put into the warmer, the scent will definitely get stronger the more you put in, but with the sample size tested, the low scent recognition is a side effect after melting it for a few days.

This scent of sprinkles was tested out over one week. So please also take that into account. If you are into baking these sprinkles in your warmer would be a great addition to your kitchen, and keep your guests wondering, " When are the cookies coming out of the oven?"

We will see what the next scent brings to the testing field. The next scent review to keep your eyes peeled over is the "Red Hot Summer" scent. Which promises to be an experience in itself. Onward and Upward on this staycation journey for the senses.