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Have something to ship, why not let "" handle your needs.

Shipey is ready to ship your every need.
Adam Winters delivery company.


Created by Adam Winter, "" has become a large shipping company, handling small as well as big shipping items. No longer do people have to pay high shipping prices, because their items are larger than most, or they just can't fit the item into the back of their vehicles.

Not only has Adam created a shipping business for customers, he has also created jobs for delivery drivers at, which is helping provide revenue for people in a still recovering economy. Through a special phone app found on iTunes app store, a customer can instantly found a Shipey driver in their area, request shipping then wait for the driver to arrive.

It is really that simple with no standing in long lines, no rude people dropping or mishandling your merchandise, just shipping from point start to finish with everything being handled on your cellphone. Technology has come along way, but Adam Winters is pushing it even further with his genius app called "SHIPEY", which is an easy to use professional app.