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Haunted Places book review: The Returning Ones--A Medium’s Memoirs

Look inside a Medium's mind and learn what is beyond this realm
Courtesy of Shirl Knobloch

The Returning Ones--A Medium’s Memoirs


Have you ever wondered what goes on daily in the mind of a medium? “The Returning Ones—A Medium’s Memoirs” (2013) by Shirl Knobloch opens up that somewhat obscure window that many of us wish we could take a quick glimpse into from time to time.

Knobloch shows the reader some of the simple things in life that many spirits use to send us messages or warnings. If we choose to learn and acknowledge these small signs from beyond, the inner peace it brings is priceless.

Who wouldn't want one more chance to communicate with a deceased parent, sibling, child or best friend? Shirl Knobloch shares some her personal stories that will forever change what you believe about ghosts, angels and the supernatural.

Shirl divides her time between a home in a suburb of New York City and a historic farmhouse cottage near Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. Both places are filled with spirit and profound peace. A world traveler, Shirl is often drawn to her destinations by her guides. Travel along as she takes you on a recent journey to some of the magickal woods and castles of Ireland. Learn who she encounters and what messages were received in the land of leprechauns.

Her farmhouse in Gettysburg seems full of mischievous spirits who love getting attention during her visits. She never knows what will happen next—but looks forward to the next adventure. The readers will learn the history of the farmhouse and why it may be haunted.

Learn Shirl’s secrets to opening up to spirit energy, angels and the tell-tale signs of ghosts. Find out if cemeteries are haunted and how one might receive messages from the dead. Knobloch, a Reiki Master, will take the reader on a refreshing journey where you can explore her personal thoughts and healing.

“The Returning Ones—A Medium’s Memoirs” has short chapters or an easy afternoon read with several photographs to illustrate the tales. You won’t want to put it down until you have read it cover to cover!
And right now Shirl Knoloch is offering a contest to folks who purchase this exciting new book.

Don't forget to enter Shirl Knobloch's exciting PHOTO CONTEST! Here are the RULES

1. You must purchase a copy of "The Returning Ones," no photo shop allowed.
2. The picture must be "spooky" A spooky location, a spooky artistic rendering, be creative and inspired.
3. All photos must be submitted to THIS PAGE ONLY (click HERE)
4. My book, "The Returning Ones" must appear in each entry, placed at the haunted site or part of the artistic rendering. no photo shop copies, original copies only.
5. The entries must be submitted by March 31st.

The winner will receive a framed and signed (by me) 8x10 Willow Fine Art Print of their choosing.
The winner will be announced April 1st (no joke ) Good Luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Read Shirl’s daily blog HERE

See Shirl’s original artwork and photography HERE

Haunted Places Examiner: Debe Branning

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