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Haunted Places book review: Spooky Creepy New England 2

Take a journey into the haunts of New England
Courtesy of Schiffer Books

Spooky Creepy New England 2


Fall is coming and there is no better place to spend a chilling autumn night than the New England states. “Spooky Creepy New England 2” by Karen Mossey (Schiffer Books 2014) gives the traveler a bit of an insight to several haunted locations in New England. The book offers tales from the states of Connecticut, Maine, New Hampshire and Massachusetts—all geared to make you feel spooky, and a bit creepy!

The first stop in the book was Hilldale Cemetery located in Haverhill, Massachusetts. Karen Mossey chats about the time she was asked to do a book signing in a cemetery. A bit odd for many authors—but not so abnormal for seekers of paranormal evidence. A cemetery tour was offered that evening and there was an abundance of EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena) was recorded at various locations in the graveyard. Perhaps it’s best to always bring along an audio recorder when visiting your loved ones.

You can still get a glimpse of the wreckage of the Jennie M Carter at extreme low tide and a full moon near the sands of Salsbury Beach, Massachusetts. The area has a history of ship wrecks and you never know what might wash up on the shore.
If you get thirsty on your travels stop by the Halligan Tavern in Derry, New Hampshire. It was the Derry fire station for over 100 years. Some say the old fire chief, who hung himself in the station, is still on duty and has been sensed in various areas of the building.

Learn the history of the Spinney Family of Kittery, Maine and the fate of their loved ones in the old Spinney Family plot dating back to the 1700’s. And then go on a sea adventure when Mossey describes their overnight stay at New London Ledge Lighthouse in Groton, Connecticut.

You will enjoy the photographs and easy instructions to take you to all the locations and more. “Spooky Creepy New England 2” is a journey you will not soon forget!

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