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Haunted Places book review: Historic Haunts of the South

The Myrtles Plantation is one of the top haunts in the country.
The Myrtles Plantation is one of the top haunts in the country.
Photo by Debe Branning

Historic Haunts of the South


Is the cold northern winter getting you down? Are you ready to warm up with some of the ghosts that haunt the southern states? Grab a warm, cozy spot by the fireplace and transport yourself to the Historic Haunts of the South” by Jamie Roush Pearce.

Ghosts lurk within the Historic Haunts of the South
Courtesy of Jamie Roush Pearce

Jamie is both an author and a paranormal investigator who has visited the locations, interviewed witnesses, and has done paranormal investigations at the majority of the haunted sites. "Historic Haunts of the South" is a collection of some of the South's most haunted and historic sites.

Some of the tales you will discover are “The Streaking Mardi Gras Ghost at the Hotel Monteleone”, “The Brown Mountain Lights”, “The Ghost of the Dwarven Jester at the Castle”, “The Paranormal Postman Captured on Film,” and “Thomas Jefferson's Ghost at the Monticello".

Visit the Old County Clay Jail in historic Green Cove Springs, Florida where investigators still hear the cell doors opening and closing, voices, and footsteps of the past. Some report being touched by a ghostly presence.

Check into the Riverview Hotel in New Smyrna, Florida and learn about the ghost of “Christa”, one of the former owners of the historic hotel. Keep your eye out for Spooky the cat—still living another life here.

Stop and check out the ghosts of Jekyll Island, Georgia—especially the Jekyll Island Hotel which opened in 1888. Some of the past guests have enjoyed their stay at this mansion that they refuse to check out! Pearce believes this is one of the most active locations she has ever investigated.

And don’t forget everyone’s favorite plantation house, The Myrtles in St Francisville, Louisiana. Be on the lookout for Miss Chloe, the plantation slave that was caught spying on conversations of the owner. It is said she still roams the grounds keeping one ear on the happenings of the Myrtles acreage.

Jamie’s first book, “Historic Haunts Florida” covered some of the most haunted places in the sunshine state. “Historic Haunts of the South" continues the haunted journey through additional cities in the southern United States.

Order BOTH “Historic Haunts Florida” and “Historic Haunts of the South” today!

Jamie Roush Pearce

Founder of Historic Haunts

Author & Paranormal Investigator

Haunted Places Examiner: Debe Branning

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