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Haunted Places book review: Great Lakes Folklore-Legends of the Five Sisters

Sail on the Great Lakes and discover the Legends of the Five Sisters
Courtesy of Schiffer Books

Great Lakes Folklore-Legends of the Five Sisters


We learn about the Great Lakes of the United States known as Superior, Michigan, Huron, Erie, and Ontario in early school geography. Through the years, the lakes carried Native Americans, early explorers, immigrants, bandits, miners, and business tycoons who have become legends on and around the five water sources.

“Great Lakes Folklore-Legends of the Five Sisters” by Charles Cassady Jr. (Schiffer Books 2013) covers many of the stories and folklore passed down through generations along with exciting new tales of the Five Sisters.

The Great Lakes are often called the Inland Seas, or a more poetical term—the Five Sisters—meaning Lakes Superior, Michigan Huron, Erie, and Ontario. Each lake carries its own history and lore for the reader to dive into and explore.

You will learn the fate of many of the sailing vessels such as the Success and Griffin. And who can forget the haunting tale of the Edmund Fitzgerald put to music by Gordon Lightfoot.

Besides hearing tales of spirited ships, it seems ghosts continue to haunt the lighthouses that dot the shore land of the Great Lakes. Hear tales of seven of these guiding lights including the haunted 1892 Two Harbors Lighthouse converted into a bed and breakfast. Guests often report hearing unseen visitors in the wee hours of the morning.

And don’t forget the strange and eerie creatures seen in the Great Lakes including the Lake Erie monster. Are the monsters merely over-sized armor-plated sturgeon fish lurking in the waters, or do the Great Lakes hold their own version of the Loch Ness Monster?

Great Lakes Folklore is filled with nearly 60 images, illustrations or photographs. See the great ships, light houses and monuments, then let your imagine sail where you have never been before.

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