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Hatriot- "Dawn of the New Centurion' (2014 Massacre Records)

Hatriot-"Dawn of the New Centurion
Hatriot-"Dawn of the New Centurion
Hatriot, Massacre Records

Hatriot-"Dawn of the New Centurion"


Just when you think he has gone gently into that good night, Steve "Zetro" Souza and his razor sharp, disgust laden voice pierces your ears in the most intrusive of ways. Is he back with Exodus? Ummm no !! Oh it must be new Dublin Death Patrol right ? Nope not DDP! Behold the arrival of Hatriot and their offering of Dawn of the New Centurion. Zetro has stood the test of time , and helped pioneer thrash metal to the masses in his early days in The Bay Area scene. He has grown and evolved throughout the years and always adapted his style with a modern approach. This time he has reinvented himself with Hatriot. The band is infused with young blood that are hungry and ready to beat your ass!

Dawn of the New Centurion is without a doubt thrash record, but more than a thrash record. It has a heaviness that is intertwined throughout that I can not remember being associated with pure thrash metal. Don't get me wrong, there are still blazing , lightning fast leads all over the record , thrown down by up and coming shred master Kosta V. There is melody throughout the entire offering, and masterful playing by the entire band. The band takes a no holds barred, take no prisoners, aggressive approach that comes to light as the album progresses.The drums crush you like an out of control tank hellbent on destroying everything in its path. A precise, deliberate, and crushing pace is set from the beginning of the record on the opening track "My Cold Dead Hands", and continues through album closer "Consolation For The Insane".

Overall, I give this album a 10 out of 10, and although it is very early in the year, Dawn of the New Centurion will be in contention for album of the year in 2014.The Bay Area sound is still here. It is old school principles and ideology, fused with modern aggression, production, and themes. What can you say about Zetro that hasn't been said already. The man is a beast and gets better with each piece of recorded evidence. If Dawn of the New Centurion was a mission statement, the statement of Hatriot would be be quite clear.....Devistation

Track List:

1- From My Cold Dead Hands
2- Your Worst Enemy
3- The Fear Within
4- Honor The Rise And Fall
5- Superkillafragsadisticactsaresoatrocious
6- Silence In The House Of The Lord
7- World Funeral
8- Dawn Of The New Centurion
9- Consolation For The Insane

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