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Harman Kardon’s BDS 3772: Forget going out to the movies!

Forget going out to the movies!
Forget going out to the movies!
Brian Hart

Harman Kardon’s BDS 3772


Many companies sell “home theater” systems; yet, some are underpowered, while others are missing necessary cables. Harman Kardon’s BDS 3772 ($999.95) is both the genuine article and ships with everything needed to setup a theater in minutes.

Inside a sizable box are all of the following: the brain of the operation (BDS 277 Blu-Ray Disc System) with the muscles being 2 satellite speakers (HKTS 2BQMKII; dual flat-panel midrange drivers) and a subwoofer (HKTS 210SUB; 200 watt). The BDS 277 Blu-Ray Disc System is elegant in appearance with a silver-colored top surrounded with glossy black sides. The satellite speakers and subwoofer match aesthetically by carrying over the glossy finish.

Installation was quickly accomplished due to the exceptionally well-illustrated owners manual that assuages any fears of the uninitiated for connecting the various components. In summary, the BDS 277 Blu-Ray Disc System “sits” in the middle between one’s TV and other inputs (3 HDMI, 2 Optical Digital Audio, 2 Analog Audio, 1 Component Video, and 1 USB on the front panel), thus, allowing a user to switch between the connected sources.

Nonetheless, the most life-changing component is Harman Kardon’s EZSet/EQ system consisting of a clear, cone-shaped microphone. The aforementioned is plugged into the front-facing microphone port and placed at the ear height of a typical user. Then, the receiver plays a cacophony of noise and automatically fine-tunes the best sounding configuration for one’s room. There is also a manual configuration, however, you will never need it.

This receiver’s controls are both utilitarian without the unappealing clutter. The BDS 277 only features a single jog dial for power/volume control as well as a clearly readable information display. Furthermore, the eject button is touch sensitive and does not appear unless a disk is inserted. The remote mirrors the design cues of the receiver with two circular buttons and can be programmed to control one’s television, if desired.

The BDS 277 plays CDs, DVDs, and Blu-Rays as well as Blu-Rays 3D. This author tested the latter with “Prometheus” and a 3D display utilizing an active shutter 3D system. Without question, this Harman Kardon-powered 3D experience was superior to any movie theater. This sound generated by this home theater system too surpasses the all-too-common raspy and overused movie theater speakers. While petite, the satellite speakers are clearly accurate (thanks to Dolby TrueHD technology as well as DTS Digital Surround Decoding) and easily fill a room with sound. The subwoofer is approximately 8” in diameter and can literally shake a room. Truthfully, this author had to think twice before playing “Armageddon,” as he thought it might make the neighbors believe the sky is falling.

This system connects to the Internet via Ethernet and includes the following functionality:
+ FM Stereo (antenna included)
+ AirPlay-compatible to stream music from Apple devices
+ Built-in YouTube player for videos
+ Native Pandora component for streaming music
+ Supports Picasa for viewing photos
+ Plays music and charges an iPhone/iPod/iPad (via front USB)
+ Bluetooth connectivity
+ DLNA capability for additional streaming

The Harman Kardon’s BDS 3772 has not captured the movie theater experience; it has simply outdone it with exceptional video and audio. Plus, this system acts as a full-featured home stereo and entertainment hub. The cost of movies (3D showings have an additional fee) and concessions are constantly rising; so, with Harman Kardon’s BDS 3772, why would anyone go out to the movies anymore?

Rating: 5+ out of 5

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