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Harley Quinn #6 review

Harley Quinn #6


Here we go with another month of side story Harley Quinn. Harley Quinn issue 6 is written by Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti. The art is beautiful as always and it's done by Chad Hardin with color by Alex Sinclair.

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This issue we get the end of the Syborg and Harley Quinn side story. I call this a side story because I believe the main story in this comic should be the fact that someone left Harley a apartment building and someone, maybe the same person, put a hit out on her. But like every month we hear nothing about either of those things. Instead we get Harley helping out Syborg, one of her patients from the old folks home.

The story between Syborg and Harley was kinda cute. We get to see Harley being Harley. She kicks ass and loves up one some animals, this time at the zoo. And did anyone catch that that tiger was chewing on a piece of Batman's shirt? Yeah I don't know what happened there other than maybe it was referencing the scene in Death of the Family where the Joker has Damian fight the fake Batman at Gotham City Zoo. Maybe I'm just over thinking it.

It's not until the end where I feel we are being teased once again with the main story plot. Poison Ivy shows back up and says she knows who put the hit out on Harley. But that's where they leave us, with yet another cliff hanger. If you can call it a cliff hanger. I would call it "a big fat I will stop reading this comic if they don't tell us soon and get to the main story teaser!" But if you're down for meaningless side stories and just cute fun reads it was a okay issue. What did you think? Are you as tired of the side stories as I am?