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Harley Quinn #4 review

Harley Quinn #4

harley quinn #4


Harley Quinn, crazy, passionate, funny on again off again girlfriend of the Joker. We all know Harley and we all have watched her grow and change. There has been a ton of controversy over her in the past few years. With new outfits and new story lines, Harley is different from the Harley Quinn we 1st seen in Batman: The Animated Series. She has long ditched the full body suit and the Joker. She has joined the Suicide Squad and teamed up with the Gotham City Sirens.
In November 2013, we got a new Harley Quinn comic, that we all had such high hopes for. Harley was getting out of Gotham and starting over. Little did we know starting over meant doing nothing and having no story line. The comics started off with someone leaving her a building in Coney Island. She packs everything up, including a weird stuffed beaver, and heads out. She arrives and finds out that someone wants her dead and put a hit out on her. Now we think, oh that's the story line, NO! We have yet to get a story line out of this comic 4 issues in, 5 if you count issue #0. All we have gotten is some cute side stories and pretty art. I did enjoy the Star Wars scene that played out in the dinner this issue, all the way down to the R2D2 cup.
I would like to see her try a little harder to find out who put this hit out on her. It's online, how hard is it to find a evil computer genus to back track the IP address?
All and in all, all we can do is hope they give us some better material before this series loses all it's fans and gets canceled. Which I'm really hoping doesn't happened because I can see some much potential coming out of this comic, if only it was done right.
How are you enjoying Harley's new comic so far? Where are you hoping they take Harley next?