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Harley Quinn #2

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Harley Quinn #2


Harley Quinn #2 starts off with Madame Macabre walking in on Harley Quinn hugging and talking to a wax statue of The Joker. Madame Macabre gives Harley (and us) a brief description of who she is and what she does, and she's a big fan of Harley's. Macabre is the manager of a murder wax museum, and after seeing Macabre's works of art, Harley becomes fascinated with her work. Harley then tells Macabre that she's in need of a refrigerator, and lucky for her, Macabre knows of a place where she can find one.

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Once Harley goes to the place where the fridge is and gets the details worked out, she rides past a pet adoption center where people are standing outside protesting. Harley parks her motorcycle and finds out what's going on. The people tell her that the shelter euthanizes the animals if they're not adopted within thirty days, and by the next day, over fifty animals will die. Kittens, puppies, and who knows what other kind of animals will be affected by this. Harley asks the people why they won't adopt some of these animals, but majority of the people are at their limit of animals, per household. Saddened by this and being a big animal lover, Harley goes inside to adopt some animals. After Harley fills out the necessary paperwork, the lady working at the shelter rips the papers in half, and declines Harley from adopting any pets. Harley will not have this, so she has to come up with a plan.

Harley's plan: Call Poison Ivy. Of course, being really good friends, Ivy decides to help Harley out. That night, they head on over to the shelter and set the animals free. Here's the problem, they set them ALL free, so then they have to split up and retrieve them all. As Harley goes out to find the runaway animals, she notices a pair of headlights heading towards her, and she manages to escape being run over. The man driving the car runs into a pole, and Harley investigates why he's trying to kill her. He talks about the bounty that's out for her, as mentioned in issue #1, and Harley shows him just how hard it is to get the best of her.

She gathers up the runaway animals and heads back home, where Poison Ivy is already waiting for her. Harley explains why it took her so long to gather the animals, and Ivy finds out about the bounty. They call it a night, and get some well deserved rest. When Harley wakes up the next morning, Ivy's gone, but she left a surprise for her and all the animals they rescued. The issue ends with a man looking at Harley from a window, in a distance, and we'll have to wait and see what happens next.

Issue #2 isn't as action packed like previous issues, but this is a nice break from the usual costumed hero vs. the costumed villain stories. This issue gives us a sense of real-life villains, and those are the people who euthanize animals for not being adopted. This is a topic that has people on both sides of the fence, but animals have rights too, just like human beings. We all inhabit this planet, and must live among ourselves in harmony. What Harley and Ivy did isn't the right solution to this matter, but it made this issue a great read. Jimmy Palmiotti gave us a story that works well with real life situations, and the artwork by Hardin and Roux compliments the story. I give this issue a four out of five stars, it's another fine issue from this creative team. Harley Quinn #2 is written by Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti, artwork by Chad Hardin and Stephane Roux, and colored by Alex Sinclair. Regular cover illustrated by Amanda Conner and Paul Mounts. On sale now for $2.99 at local comic book stores or on digital formats, and has 32 color pages.


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