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Harley Quinn #1

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Harley Quinn #1


Since DC Comics launched "The New 52" two years ago, Harley Quinn was mainly seen in the series "Suicide Squad," sporting a new costume that the fans weren't crazy about, but let's face the facts, Harley Quinn is a character fans will always love, regardless of the costume changes. So much in fact, that she has her own ongoing series again. Last month DC Comics released Issue #0, and it was a fun and exciting issue with various artists showing the readers their take on Harley, art style meshed with story composition. Issue #1 picks up where Issue #0 left off, and we get to see Harley on her way to her new, inherited home in Coney Island, NY.

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Harley rides along and sees a man mistreating his dog, so she not only saves the little dog, but she shows the man what it feels like to be dragged around. At the same time, Harley is being chased by a man on a motorcycle, who wants to turn her in, as the readers see the wanted poster in his hands. Angered by the man chasing her for causing a crash that damaged all of Harley's belongings, she kills him in a way that only Harley Quinn can. Afterwards, she arrives at the location of her new home.

She gets a tour of her new place from Robert Coachman, the lawyer who told her about the apartment at the end of Issue #0. Despite Harley's excitement and joy of her new place, she later finds out that she is to be the landlord of the complex, and she has to pay for back taxes, real estate taxes, insurance, and upkeep. There's always a catch to something that seems to be too good to be true. This means only one thing...Harley has to look for a job to keep her new home. Her new tenants come to the rescue the morning after by giving her a newspaper with job listings, a highlighter, some coffee, and a bagel, so she can get a head start for some possible interviews.

Harley gets ready for some interviews, as she covers her pale white skin with a flesh tone color, and puts on a blonde wig. The readers get to see vintage Dr. Harleen Quinzel for a few panels, as she goes in for an interview for a therapist position, not a psychiatrist position, which is right down her alley. Harley goes in for a second interview later that night, but this time there's no disguises, as she tries out for the last slot at a Renegade Roller Derby. Harley being the villain that she is, she smashes the competition, being hired on with some restrictions. The last pages show another person trying to assassinate Harley, but this time the readers see that the reward for her is $2,000,000.

What a great issue this is. Every element of Harley Quinn is seen in this issue, and it will be interesting to see what direction this new series will go. The artwork and colors in this issue are fitting for Harley, and the writing is what makes this new series something to look forward to every month. It'll be interesting to see what the next issue has in store for the readers, and it's so great to see Harley have her own ongoing series once again. Hopefully, she's in for a long series run this time. Harley Quinn #1 is written by Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti, artwork by Chad Hardin, and colored by Alex Sinclair. Regular cover illustrated by Amanda Conner and the variant cover is illustrated by Adam Hughes. On sale now for $2.99 at local comic book stores or on digital formats, and has 32 color pages. Overall, I give this issue a four out of five stars, fans of Harley Quinn, this issue is a must-buy!


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