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Harlan Coben's latest mystery thriller is a guilty pleasure

Mystery Thriller Author of Gone Girl and Missing You

Missing You by Harlan Coben


Harlan Coben's latest mystery thriller "Missing You" is a guilty pleasure that will satisfy his fans and those who want to a fast paced beach read. Its three mysteries for the price of one. Do they tie together? Not at first. But Coben does not keep the reading guessing for long.Coben reveals early on that there is an evilness going on, so the reader is in on part of the mystery. But we have to read to see how the Kat, the main character figures it all out.

Kat Donovan is a New York detective. She is haunted by the fact that her father was killed mysteriously 20 years ago by a hitman. At the same time her true love Jeff dumped her and moved out of her life. Her dating life has been at a standstill since then.

All that changes Kat when goes on a dating website and finds her lost love Jeff. But he still says he has no interest in her. But someone else is also watching Jeff. Brandon, a young teenage hacker who lives in Connecticut. He claims that his mother disappeared while on a date with Kat's old boyfriend.

Meanwhile, Kat visits the jail where her father's killer is dying of cancer. While in a drug induced state, he claims that he confessed to the murder so his family would be taken care of since he was already in jail for life. Kat believes him, and starts to doubt the story of her boss at the precinct, who was her father's partner. Kat ends up going back in time to investigate her father's life and finds plenty of secrets.

At the same time, Brandon's story interests her because she cannot believe her old boyfriend would kidnap Brandon's mother, but the Connecticut police do not believe him - they have video and text messages that show Brandon's mother is on vacation. But Brandon discounts some messages.

How will these three separate investigations come together will make for a compelling read. While we know part of the story early on we still must see how Kat figures out the truth about her father, her Jeff and Brandon's mom.

The story has its own momentum. Kat's investigation will turn up irregularities in the official story of her father's death and in Brandon's mom's vacation.

All the while a sick killer is plying his trade against unsuspecting people.

It's not Coben's finest, but it will certainly hook you in and you'll read it in one long gulp and be on the look out for more. Coben knows how to keep his readers coming back for more.

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