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Happiness Is: a great new hairstyle! From good to great with color and cut

New French Hairstylist


Do you find yourself bored with your looks, but not sure what to do to make the change? Have you had the same hairstyle for almost a decade and are afraid to do something different because it makes you feel safe? Are you ready to make a change and just need a great stylist to see you in a way that you haven’t been able to see for yourself?

When you do find that brilliant stylist, you will have a new pair of eyes to see you, in a fresh, new style that brings out your best features. Living in Los Angeles we can sometimes be myopic about what’s hot and what’s not, because we are hypnotized by the media and their idealized look of the moment. Celeb-reality rules the airwaves and glamour is imprinted through what we see in the tabloids, the fake news and the manufactured tastes of the masses.

We are now in a global society and are influenced by tastemakers across the planet. From Asia to Europe, we are being exposed to world class beauty, and the beauty standard for Los Angeles, the bleached blond surfer girl, is not the most favored; ethnic diversity is trumping the blond bombshell of yesterday. However, the many of most popular style makers still have their roots in Europe. With a refined palate of class and simplicity, many beauty experts are steeped in old world concepts and have a flair for taking a woman from good to great with color and cut.

After decades of searching for the absolute best visionary who was able bring out the finest features in celebrities, as well as the every day woman, we finally found the ONE, Christophe Belkacemi. In the days of mid-century modern America, having a french hairdresser was the ultimate in haute style and fashion. Anything french was au courant. And being trained in Paris by the Jaquess Dessagne Salon empire and then moving to New York City, Christophe is by far the top of the line.

In 2004 Christophe joined the Serge Normant at John Friend salon where he continued to develop his art, technique and skill. He is the go-to guy, contributing and styling for commercial and editorial photo shoots. He has been known to do incredible makeovers for celebrities including Catherine Zeta Jones, Glenn Close, Kate Hudson, Kristen Wiig, Nicole Kidman and Yoko Ono.

His travels to provide salons across the United States with technical training and art direction, make him a popular trendsetter. Christophe specializes in chic, timeless and modern styles that keep clients coming back frequently and spreading the word. His masterful technique and individualized approach to hairstyling truly put Christophe at the peak of hair design. You can find him jetting back and forth from the Lionel Renard Salon in Los Angeles and Serge Normant at John Frieda Salon in New York City.

One of his clients, Gwendolyn B., raved about him on yelp. 9/29/2013

My favorite hairdresser (and a delightful person)-- CHRISTOPHE BELKACEMI (who works both in New York and Los Angeles) has landed at a lovely new salon in LA--LIONEL RENARD SALON on 3rd Street. Christophe is amazingly gifted in both stylish cutting and doing wonderful color. He is so astute in knowing what is just right for each individual. I cannot recommend him more highly.

If you’re a mature lady, you will appreciate Christophe’s magic touch to make sure your hair is maxed out with his unique cutting secret to thick and vibrant hair. When asked about how so many Hollywood stars have the long, thick hair at a certain age, he replied, “Oh please, it's so rare! So many women have extensions. It's very, very unusual to see naturally long hair. I'd roughly estimate it's not even 10 percent of women.”

Contact Christophe at (323) 782-139,

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