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A Happy Clean Car
Tracy Lynn Cook, The Roving Dork Chop FO-tog

Quick n Clean Car Wash


Today I visited the Quick n Clean three dollar express car wash on Greenfield just a little bit north of baseline.

I was expecting to buy a three dollar car wash. Instead, I bought a month-long pass costing me $6.95 on my credit card. Of course, this is a introductory offer – I will probably cancel the contract in a month, but what the heck. If I don't cancel, the monthly fee for unlimited washes becomes 15 dollars.

There was a there was an employee working at the entrance gates who was very pleasant. There was another employee who handed me a moist towelette and an air freshener. He was also very pleasant.

This is a drive-through type of car wash where you put your car in neutral and can either spend a few minutes daydreaming, or you can begin to scrub the interior of your car with the moist towelette.

After the wash, there is a row of covered spaces where you can either finish toweling off your car or where you can begin the vacuuming process.

The vacuums have a very nice long handle that can easily get into nooks and crannies.

The vacuum suction was strong enough to suck up pistachio shells, one quarter, one penny, numerous wadded up gum wrappers, small pepples, grass, mysterious whitish hair that appears to be from a white cat. This gave me pause because I don't own a white cat.

The vacuum could not suck up water bottle tops ('s a prized collection in the dork chop vehicle) nor could it swallow the roller I forgot was rolled neatly in my hair until I had driven 50 miles while making my own personal fashion statement. (On the bright side, when the roller did come out, my bangs were pretty and not dangling in my eyes.)

This vacuum will easily suck up Cheerios, dried boogies wiped gently on the seat, goldfish (the crackers...and probably actual dried deceased smaller versions of the real thing in case that is a problem for you...), straw wrappers, gum wrappers, important receipts, unimportant receipts, wedding rings, earrings, prized macaroni necklaces, half strips of spelling words on tommorows test, the sticky note with the name and number of your daughters new BFF's phone number (so now congrats ... you've ruined her life for the not the first and not the last). All of those items and more could easily be consumed by the vacuum with the extended nozzle.

You've been warned.