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'Happily Ever After: A Novel' by Elizabeth Maxwell: Different kind of romance

Middle age novelist meets romance hero -- too good to be true?
courtesy of Touchstone

Happily Ever After by Elizabeth Maxwell


With "Happily Ever After: A Novel," Elizabeth Maxwell has created a story about an author of erotic romance who finds herself confronted with some characters from her books. The premise is one that is popular right now and Maxwell comes through with a witt story that leaves the reader pleasantly satisfied.

The protagonist, Sadie Fuller, is middle-aged, not in the best shape, and the single parent of an eleven-year-old. She writes steamy romances when she's not being a suburban mommy.

When she runs into someone who seems to have stepped right out of one of her books, she thinks she's going crazy. Or he is. But slowly, she begins to put the pieces together.

Complete with witches, magic spells, unfinished manuscripts, and lots of humor, "Happily Ever After" is an entertaining read. By the end of the book, Sadie realizes what is important in her life -- and how to help the characters in her books (whose lives she controls -- or does she?).

Please note: This review is based on the final paperback book provided by the publisher, Touchstone, for review purposes.

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