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Hank Green And The Perfect Strangers - Incongruent (Perfectly Earnest)

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Hank Green And The Perfect Strangers - Incongruent


Hank Green has been making videos as one half of the famous VlogBrothers for years, but Incongruent is the sole work of art that has come from years as an acoustic musician. Many of the songs that you'll hear on the record are re-recordings with Green's new band Hank Green And The Perfect Strangers, and the result of the mix is phenomenal, so let's dive right in.

"I F$*%ing Love Science" kicks off the album with a bang. So much so, that the popular Facebook page, and now website and YouTube channel, of the same name heralded it as their theme song, which is quite a compliment.

Any musician will tell you that the first track is pivotal in creating a good record. You can have all the great effects, memorable hooks, and catchy lines on the inside, but if you don't nail that first couple of minutes, you're not going to have yourself a great album, and at worst, lose interest right off the bat.

Thankfully, the opening track is, well, in a fitting word: Awesome. A hard and classic, back-to-basics, pop-punk guitar riff starts us off, and then shuts down for a slow and smooth introduction to pick up and ease us in with a lately seldom heard complementary bass line. At it's bare bones, it's literally a song about all the things Hank loves about science, but it sets the standard for the rest of Incongruent.

What's really great about this album is that it combines two things that are found difficult to bring together. Simple, but interesting, chord progressions, with a few fancy licks thrown in the mix, and lyrics without much subtlety. Sure, you won't have a hard time deciphering what great middle tracks like "I'd Rather," or "Oh JK Rowling," are about, but they're so entertaining that subtext doesn't really matter. In this writer's opinion, it's that transparency that makes it such a great album, especially for young adults, and people who are generally kind of tired of whiny college rock. (Sorry, Seton Hall. Your station's still got a few gems...)

To conclude, Incongruent is a must-have for any music lover, whether you're into pop-rock or not. Hank Green And The Perfect Strangers are off to a great start, and there's a free drink and three cheers in New Jersey if they find themselves here on tour after VidCon for making listening to music fun again, and continuing to not forget to be awesome.

You can get Incongruent from DFTBA Records, both censored and explicit (props for family-friendliness), and while you're there, check out some of the other great stuff that they sell and do.