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Handyman Charles Joachim: expert workmanship at a reasonable price

Handyman Charles Joachim


Like many women, I have almost no idea of how to do even basic home repairs. I had also been burned in the past when I hired people to do work and it was done in a slipshod, incomplete way that actually made my home worse instead of better--while paying them left me poorer.

Because of these factors, I put off doing basic home repair for years until I just had to because I was selling the house.

Fortunately, a friend recommended Charles Joachim and I couldn't be more pleased. He is skilled, reliable, and impeccably honest. And, his prices are reasonable.

Finding an excellent drywall person is hard, but Charles did a wonderful job repairing my ceiling, which needed patching and painting. He also painted a bathroom that had been wall-papered with the ugliest wallpaper I had ever seen in my life. It now looks wonderful.

He is gentle and easy to work with. I was out of town during much of the time he was working on my house and there was no one to "supervise" him. However, he showed up faithfully and did a first-rate job. In today's world, honesty is rare and should be cherished whenever you find it.

The quality of Charles's work speaks for itself: when my real estate agent saw the work he did, he asked for his number so that he could use him too. My mother asked me for his phone number as well.

Incidentally, his late father ran a dry cleaning business and Charles grew up doing this as well. A good friend of mine hired him to dry clean her husband's shirts. He does it the old-fashioned way with less harmful chemicals. The shirts, which were years old, looked brand new and were absolutely spotless.

Charles's phone number is 954-588-7667.

As a side note, I am uploading a video on unsafe drywall so that if you do need major home repairs, you have a way of protecting yourself.

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