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Hamburger Mary's: Best Patio in Denver

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Hamburger Mary's Denver


Hamburger Mary's, Denver, Colorado's coolest patio, is a gay-themed and LGBT-friendly burger restaurant chain that started in San Francisco, California, in 1972. Their motto is: "an open-air bar and grill for open-minded people", and the eateries are often in "gay-oriented" neighborhoods. The menu consists of suggestive named items and the entire establishment is radiant, flamboyant & what everyone wants from a gay friendly bar. Cross-dressing is common, and the Mary in the name is a reference to the slang descriptor "Mary" used for gay men as far back as the early 1900's. There were twelve Hamburger Mary's in the U.S. as of 2012 & they no longer operate in San Francisco, and have offices in Chicago and West Hollywood, as of 2013.

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Daniel, one of the most talked about bartenders in Denver, serves a mean cocktail with an sweet smile. His bright blue eyes (yes, they are real) are the most amazing color you will see. It's hard to not look at him. Whoever snagged him to work for Mary's must be some classy cat. Friendly, attentive and always laughing, he makes your entire experience at Hamburger Mary's one to remember.

Not only do they have awesome cocktails and Karaoke nights throughout the week, you obviously have to try their hamburgers. They're so good. Whether you're looking to sing, watch awesome, nostalgic music videos, drink, eat or just dance your ass off, Hamburger Mary's truly welcomes those of all colors, races, sexual 'preferences' & yes, women.

*It should not be frowned upon that women go to gay bars with their gay friends. Not only are they supporting them as amigos, they are spending money at your bar. It should not matter who they are and who they want to date, we're all human beings and for our community who splatters our desire for equality on a daily basis, should not think it's baffling that hot women want to accompany their dudes for a good night out.