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Hall and Oates rock sell-out crowd at Ravinia

Hall and Oates performance


Hall and Oates fans packed out Ravinia on June 22. The legendary duo set the tone for the evening by opening the show with the smash hit, Maneater. The crowd was comprised of die-hard fans, who have followed them for four decades; as well as young fans, who are just getting to know them.

Hall and Oates
Photo by Larry Busacca/Getty Images

When Hall and Oates performed the classic love ballad, Sarah Smile, Daryl Hall said that they had played that song at every set since they wrote it. “Every time is just like the first time.” It was indeed just like hearing it for the first time. Known for their signature instrumentation, Hall and Oates did not disappoint. Daryl Hall played the guitar and keyboards; while John Oates rocked out on the guitar as well. The band delivered electrifying instrumental serenades, with plenty of guitar solos. Charles “Mr. Casual” DeChant wowed the crowd with the live rendition of his notable saxophone solos on Maneater, Say It Isn’t So and I Can’t Go for That. Hall and Oates played two rousing encores for an enthusiastic audience. People sang along and danced the night away.

After all of these years, this legendary team is still making great music together, and was recently inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Hall and Oates fans can get to know Daryl Hall up close and personal by tuning in to his Internet television show, Live From Daryl’s House. John Oates released a new album, Good Road to Follow in March. It is available at his website.

As always Ravinia was the perfect setting for enjoying the stars under the stars. The summer concert series is in full swing, with many more great acts to grace the stage including, Maxwell, Earth Wind and Fire, Carrie Underwood, The Beach Boys, The Temptations and so many more. View the entire schedule and order tickets at the Ravinia website.