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Half Life 2 (PC) review

The Combine.
The Combine.Ken Kriho

Half Life 2


Half-Life 2 is a science fiction first person shooter developed and released by Valve on November 16, 2004. The story continues following the Black Mesa incident and players still control Gordon Freeman as he helps out the people of City 17, who have formed the Lambda Resistance, to drive the Combine out of their city.

Half Life 2 title
Half Life 2 titleKen Kriho

Graphics-City 17 and the inhabitants look flawless. The environment is also well done as the city is depicted as forlorn and unhappy, which is good because this helps drive the story even further. The lip movement of each character looks and feel natural and less marionette like. The animation is also more fluid and natural.

Sound-The voice acting is also a huge step up from the first game and each character’s voice also helps their personality better. The soundtrack is also well done and each song isn’t overused.

Gameplay-As a whole, the gameplay remains the same; get from point A to point B, meet with so and so, and move on. There is also more interactivity between the player and the environment. You’ll be using machines and objects more often in this game than in the first game. One noticeable difference is that the route is much more linear than in the first game. You don’t get as much freedom of exploration. That’s not to say that the first game was open world, it means that there are fewer forks in the road.

Improvements-With so many improvements, it’s really hard to find a starting point. Not counting the inclusion of ragdoll physics, the best example would be in the controls. Movement isn’t as slippery as before, meaning there’s less chance of players missing a platform and also less chance of accidentally falling off. Enemies are also a little easier to kill this time around.

Legacy-Like its predecessor, Half-Life 2 has been met with critical and commercial success. With so many awards under its belt, it feels that the future of the Half Life series is secure, right?

Overall-Half-Life 2 was awesome back then just as it is today. No player should be left behind by not playing Half-Life 2. It is worth every penny.

Score: 5/5

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