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Haim brings back 80s days

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Days Are Gone by Haim


The trio of females that lead Haim likely appeal to young music fans because these fresh hipsters probably haven’t been saturated with high tech pop sounds, like those of us raised on 80s MTV were.

Days Are Gone is an album that may not have stood out too much in say 1986. But because music has changed so much, with electronica elements infiltrating almost every pop song on the charts these days, the ricocheting drums, echoing vocals and overall bigness Haim’s music might strike those uniformed and inexperienced in the ways of new wave as something completely new and exciting.

The single, “The Wire,” sounds like the Eagles’ “Heartache Tonight,” mixed with countless Shania Twain singles. The group often gets compared to Fleetwood Mac, but these ears only hear a touch of Stevie Nicks in “Forever,” which features a rhythm actually borrowed from her “Edge of Seventeen” hit.

The most adventurous track on this album doesn’t sound like anything frizzy-haired Nina Blackwood might have ever introduced. “My Song 5,” which is sung over a sparse bass drum and woozy bass line, makes Haim sound like they wrote and recorded it the morning after an extremely inebriated Mardi Gras celebration. It’s both unsettling and effective. The track also features a guitar line that would perfectly fit a Black Keys song, making it even more special.

Proving they don’t need to live large to have impact, the song “Running If You Call My Name” reveals a quieter, more reflective tone. It’s a bit of a relief to have all the bells and whistles silenced for four minutes, and a side of Haim’s musical personality we’d love to hear more from.

Sometimes you have to reach back in to recent history in order to stand out, and Haim does just that with Days Are Gone.