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"Hacker, Outlaw Chronicles #3," by Ted Dekker

"My name is Nyah and I'm a hacker. I know things most people would never believe. Things that shouldn't exist, but do. "


Ted Dekker explores the power of faith, identity and the unseen in Hacker, the latest action packed episode in the "Outlaw Chronicles" series releasing June 10, this time delivered with a dash of science fiction. It's also a story of cybercrime, neuroscience and seventeen-year-old hacker extraordinaire, Nyah Parks.

"Hacker," (Outlaw Chronicles #3), by Ted Dekker "Tap in, strap in, and experience the mind-twisting ride with Nyah."
Worthy Publishing—June 10, 2014
"What you find waiting on the other side of the firewall might forever change the way you see yourself and the world you live in."
Worthy Publishing—June 10, 2014

Nyah felt like a "freak" because she was different and didn't fit in. Although she could have "aced" high school by age eight her parents wanted her to "mature a bit before walking into the ivory halls of higher education" so she graduated at age twelve instead. Then whipped through college by age fifteen with a double major in computer science and mathematics that forecast a bright future ahead since computer programming was her "native tongue."

Then twenty-three-year-old Harlan Schmitt ran a red light, "broadsided her family's minivan going eighty-three-miles-her-hour" and life went what seventeen-year-old Nyah would soon call "sideways." The accident claimed the lives of her father, little brother and hospitalized her mother with "severe brain trauma." Just when Nyah believed things couldn't get worse the doctors said her mother's brain was dying and she had three months to live.

When Nyah learns of an expensive experimental drug that could help she devises a clever scheme to break into a corporations computer security to prove how much they needed to hire her. Her price? $250,000, enough to pay for the drug.

Nyah couldn't know she would find "close-up photographs of dead bodies and charred buildings and smoldering cars and a congressman who died in an embassy bombing" during the hack. Or that she would become the new target of a hit man hired by the CEO and founder of the corporation and the seat-of-your-pants- chase begins.

Thus begins Dekker's latest adventure that questions whether we're "spiritual beings having a temporary physical experience, or physical beings having a spiritual experience." In typical Dekker fashion he keeps the temperature of danger, intrigue and suspense high with adrenaline laced scenes of murder, FBI chases and edge-of-your-seat events that keep pages turning faster and faster.

Dekker's return to his early style of writing continues in a story of life, death, consciousness and catastrophic possibilities that will earn him new fans and keep his name on everyone's "favorite" reading list. Connect with Dekker on FaceBook.

"Hacker, Outlaw Chronicles #3," by Ted Dekker, Worthy Publishing—June 10, 2014, 304 Pages, 978-1617952753, $14.99

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