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Hack and slash: 'The Wolverine' movie review

The Wolverine


I have never been the biggest fan of the X-Men. I've read only a few of the comics and seen the movies but they haven't been a very big draw for me. So I approached The Wolverine with slight trepidation. But honestly it was a pretty good comic book flick.

The Wolverine movie poster
20th Century Fox

Logan has been living in the woods since X-Men 3 and has dreams about Jean Grey and his part in her death. But even though he is hiding from the world he gets drawn into a battle he might just lose.

This is a good movie. It's enjoyable and has some really great moments. It's good to see Wolverine get to be himself away from the rest of the X-Men. He is an interesting character and he really shines in this solo outing. Most of the credit has to go to Hugh Jackman who has created a believable person out of a comic book creation.

The action is excellent. There are some amazing set pieces of action including a fight on the top of a bullet train. The special effects look great everything is believable to a certain extent. It's a comic book movie so it's not totally based in reality.

I really enjoyed this movie and I look forward to the next chapter of Wolverine's movie existence. Four Stars.

I've added a link to the film's content advisory page here. A link to the film's website here. And a link to the Amazon page where you can purchase the film here.

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