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Gutter Boys Live

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Gutter Boys


A Classic Rock voice that meets good ol' Rock-n-Roll music. That is my definition of the Gutter Boys. Meet the band: Steve Talbott (vocals), Brian Abrestske (guitar), Robert Zuniga (bass), and Greg Mayfield (drums). Gutter Boys is a Rock-n-Roll fans dream. They have been burning up stages in the So-Cal scene and after seeing them....I know why.

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I have seen hundreds of singers this year alone, and few voices stand out, but after hearing and seeing this band live, I am putting Steve Talbott on my top 5 list of male vocals. I was entranced by the vocals coming out of the mic and slapping my ear canals. It is hard to have your voice stand out because after hearing and seeing so many bands there has to be that extra something - Gutter Boys have it.

It is not just the vocals that make this band so great to see jam out on stage. The guitar riffs will have you wanting to air shred. Then there is the rhythm section - bass and drums. Bassist Robert Zuniga is not only technically on, he is fun to watch. Slapping the skins is Greg Mayfield and he not only slaps those skins he beats them like a naughty blonde on a first date.

Gutter Boys took the stage at Shamrock’s and they did what they do best; rocked that place inside out. Their cover of “Working For the Weekend” was better than the original, or at least that is how I feel about it. This band is not a cover band but with those vocals any song can sound amazing.

To sum it up, this Rock-n-Roll band has found a home on my favorites list. They get a crowd, they engage a crowd, and they keep a crowd. All that makes for a fun night of live music.

If you can't make it out to a show, you can scoop up their album. Get your hands on “End of the Road” today. It is hard metal with melodic guitar rock. Mix that in with the stellar vocals, and you have an album that will be in your CD player more than its case. Or at least, that is how it is for me.

Written by Melissa Anderson,

Photo's by ROCKwell UnScene MUSIC Magazine