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‘Guns A’Blazin’! Book Two’ will make its debut at San Diego Comic-Con 2014

Guns A'Blazin'! #2


In the comic book marketplace today there is an absence of time-travelling cowboys, cave people, and hot women from the future carrying grudges. It is a large hole impacting comic readers everywhere. Enter Mike Wellman and Rafael Navarro to save the day with “Guns A’Blazin’!”

Mike Wellman and Rafael Navarro launch the second issue of the creator owned, independent comic book series at San Diego Comic-Con 2014.
Rafael Navarro
The second issue of "Guns A'Blazin'!" will makes its debut at San Diego Comic Con 2014.
Rafael Navarro

Atomic Basement Entertainment and Ninth Circle Studios’ bring you “Guns A’Blazin’! Book Two.” The official release of the second issue in this creator owned/independent comic book series is at the biggest pop-culture extravaganza of the year, San Diego Comic-Con 2014. “The Gun Powder Edition” will be available for the first time at SDCC Booth #2107, July 24-27, where the creators of the comic book, writer Wellman and artist Navarro, will be signing the new comic as well as copies of “Guns A’Blazin’! Book One” throughout Comic-Con.

“Guns A’Blazin’ Book Two” picks up the adventures of the time-tossed cowboys Eduardo and Kody seconds after the conclusion of the first issue and Wellman and Navarro bring their fervor for time travel adventure right out of the gate with cowboys and cavemen versus Domina and her horde of demons.

Kody and Eduardo find themselves overlooking a device that will rain asteroids upon the Earth ending the Cretaceous era, wiping out their friends the cavemen and Kody’s new girlfriend who he calls Myra because he can’t understand her real name. As Eduardo begins to formulate a plan, his scorned ex, the alluring Domina, arrives to torture the scoundrels.

The first book explored a world of consequence free time travel. This time around there may actually be consequences as Wellman puts together a story that brings out the best in the characters. Kody’s never say die attitude, and hard head, inspires a slave uprising and Eduardo’s suave charms get him out of his chains, and clothes, and onto a path to solve the crisis in front of them.

Navarro’s artwork delivers the exciting look for the book. His animated style is perfect for this story, as it conjures up memories of classic sci-fi and western comic books but in a modern sense. The animated style is reminiscent of animator Bruce Timm and his broad shouldered heroes and curvy women. Navarro nails the big moments in the story from Domina’s attack on the cowboys to Kody wrangling a dinosaur on big splash pages that highlights the big moments in the story and also makes for stunning stand alone pieces of art.

“Guns A’Blazin’! Book Two” jumps right into the adventure and brings you up to speed on everything you need to know about the heroes. But you are going to want more from these cowboys and you’ll need to grab the first book that will be available with its sequel at San Diego Comic-Con Booth #2107.

If you can’t make it to San Diego Comic-Con, be sure to get in touch with The Comic Bug in Manhattan Beach who will be hosting the official launch party for “Guns A’Blazin’! Book Two” on August 6 from 6-9 with live music from KittyGato and the Thirsty Crows. More details are sure to come through The Comic Bug’s Facebook Page.