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Guayusa-are you ready for something new?

Three flavors of the newest tea from Stash Tea
Three flavors of the newest tea from Stash Tea
Photo by Melissa Bishop

Guayusa Tea from Stash Tea


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“The Jivaro say guayusa is so habituating that before it is offered to a visitor, he is warned that once he drinks it, he will ever always after return to the Ecuadorian Jungle” - Michael Harner

Technically speaking, for all those sticklers out there that hate non-tea plants being referred to as tea, Guayusa is not 'tea' because it comes from an amazonian holly plant and not the camellia sinensis plant. However, because it is faster and easier to type tea than tisane and because I personally refer to all steeped liquids whether they are from herbal plants or Amazon holly as tea, Guayusa will be referred to in this article as tea. Now then, let us begin the review, shall we?

Wrapped in history and mystery, Guayusa pronounced, why-you-suh, is good, especially the chocolate, my personal favorite. It is the newest tea from the folks at Stash Tea. Guayusa is available by itself, or masterfully blended with other great Stash Teas for an exotic tea experience. To prepare Guayusa; bring fresh, filtered (not tap) water to boiling, but not for too long. This keeps more oxygen in the water making tea taste better. Pour hot water over tea leaves and steep for 4-7 minutes. Remove tea leaves from water and enjoy. Guayusa naturally contains caffeine and has been highly prized for centures for its energy properties and ability to assit in mental clarity.

I suggest that when you buy your Guayusa from Stash Tea, that you also put into your shopping cart some of their great filter bags. Guayusa leaves are smaller than regular loose leaf tea leaves. The filter bags are easy to use and great for all leaf sizes but work especially well on containing smaller leaves.

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