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Guardians of the Galaxy: A Raccoon with a Machine Gun, and So Much More!

Oscar nominee Bradley Cooper lends his voice to Rocket, the machine-gun toting raccoon from outer space in GUARDIANS of the GALAXY.
Oscar nominee Bradley Cooper lends his voice to Rocket, the machine-gun toting raccoon from outer space in GUARDIANS of the GALAXY.
Disney/ Marvel

Guardians of the galaxy


DISCLAIMER: Everything written here is based on the opinions and observations of one person. This is neither in depth nor hard-hitting journalism. In fact, to call it journalism is an insult to journalists. It’s a blog disguised as a column and should be viewed as entertainment only.

You’re probably planning to see Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy. Nothing I write here will make that decision for you. You’ve made your mind up already. If that’s true, I say trust your instincts. You’ll likely to have a wonderful time with this one.

Since you’re planning a trip to the cinema, I’m going to try to fill my 1500 character quota without any “spoilers.” No, I’m not going to do the “encrypted” review like I did with the 17 minute IMAX preview. That was funny only to me, and only the one time. No, I’ll just tell you in general terms what I enjoyed about this film.

Fact: GotG is based on a Marvel comic, and the film is part of Marvel/Disney’s greater Marcel Cinematic Universe centered around The Avengers. Unlike Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, and The Incredible Hulk, this title does not carry the same name recognition and therefore is not subjected to quite the same level of expectation. Imagine if you will (or remember if you’re old enough) STAR WARS in 1977. Viewers seeing that film for the first time walked in with little to no expectations. The same would not be true of the sequels. This clean slate was certainly not enjoyed by the prequels. STAR WARS took the world by surprise and gave us a new way to imagine the space opera. GotG almost does the same. Without the burden of familiar territory, the film was able to take the audience on a brand new sci-fi thrill ride.

I am not familiar enough with the source material to know whether or not they were faithful to it. I can say that it doesn’t matter. The film works.

A major risk in delivering a big budget, high tech piece like GotG is the potential for poor character development and story telling. The film could suffer from an over abundance of visual effects or bombard the audience with too many disparate images and details to follow. GotG hits all the right notes with rich characters driving the action with a touch of genuine and resonating humor. The digital characters are given enough life and energy to hold their own among their human counterparts.

If you've been waiting for a funny, visually engaging, action filled pop corn movie to finish off the summer, then that film has arrived.

As always, stay after the credits.

Guardians of the Galaxy is in theaters now. PG-13. 121 minutes.