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Groucho returns to Seattle ACT, Frank Ferrante has audience involved & laughing

Franke Ferrante retruns to Seattle ACT as Groucho
Franke Ferrante retruns to Seattle ACT as GrouchoACT

"An Evening With Groucho" play at Seattle ACT


Frank Ferrante is back in Seattle at the ACT Theatre with his one-man show “An Evening With Groucho.” Ferrante has been performing as Groucho for thirty years, and he pulls it off night after night regardless of the audience. When I attended last night, the crowd only numbered about a hundred, but Ferrante / Groucho held court over us in a Don Rickles like manner just as Groucho would have done.

In addition to the ongoing shtick and banter with audience members, Ferrante is a great song and dance man. He can do the Groucho walk and other moves as if he were a young man. He also tells the heartwarming stories of the Marx Brothers rise to success while bringing out the individual character of each of the five brothers. (Yes, there were five Marx Brothers - Groucho, Chico, Harpo and the lesser known Gummo and Zeppo.)

Ferrante is well known to many Seattle theatre patrons as he also portrays Caesar at Tietro ZinZanni. Several years ago, I first saw him perform there, and I immediately noticed that his shtick with audience members was very much like Groucho. Only after reading the program, did I learn of Ferrante’s passion for all things Groucho and his unique talent.

Anyone who appreciates good comedy will love “An Evening With Groucho” as it is performed in ACT’s intimate Bullitt Cabaret Theatre. Since it’s a general admission ticket, arriving early will get you the best seat in the house. Of course, if you decide that the best seat is up front, don’t be surprised if you find yourself becoming part of the show as Groucho is continually wandering out into the audience to interact in good fun with anyone and everyone.