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'Gross Anatomy (1989)' Movie Review: Blood, guts,and love

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Gross Anatomy


Joe Slovak (Matthew Modine) is a first year medical student. He has picked the toughest class to take for his course. Now this wouldn't be a problem for most students but you see Joe is a bit of a cut-up. He can be the one in class who cracks all the jokes and that can get on the nerves of some teachers. Dr. Rachel Woodruff (Christine Lahti) is one of those teachers that don't think Joe has what it takes to make it through medical school, let alone her class.

You see Joe is from a middle class family and has been accepted into a very well to do university. So let's just say most everyone around him is a snob and Joe tries this devil may care attitude to counter act the snobbery.

Now Joe will be a fine Doctor one day but he just doesn't take anything seriously. His lab partner Laurie Rorbach (Daphne Zuniga) sees that her partner is a fine student but doesn't care for the attitude. You see Laurie wants to be a doctor but she has to work at it and study. Even though Joe would love to take her out, he just doesn't seem to be able to break her down. Slowly but surely Joe does pass all the tests of his teacher and his lab partner and even does find a way of doing it his way. It's unconventional but it works for him

This is one of those feel good kind of movies. It takes the rigors of medical school and turns it a little upside down. Director Thom Eberhardt brings a nice cast together and you actually start to care for these characters and you want them to succeed in this their first year of med school. Sometimes it takes a Joe Slavak to lighten up the mood and break the ice so to speak. So sit back and take a look at one movie that does make you feel good when your done watching. Enjoy.