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Grisly southern crime noir ‘Cold In July’ movie review

Cold In July


Sometime you wish that certain people were alive in your life to see such a compelling crime drama like as Jim Mickle’s Cold In July. For us horror fans when the name Mickle is brought up we instantly think of the cult classic hit Stake Land or his more recent endeavor We Are What We Are. Although Cold In July is not a horror genre film by any means Mickle’s imprint is all over this. Gorehounds are also very familiar with the lead protagonist in the film Michael C. Hall from Showtime Network’s Dexter. He along with Sam Shepard and Don Johnson form a trio that you will never forget. In a tale about a night where a fatal mistake occurred Cold In July is a crime thriller mystery that reminds you of a time when these films reigned supreme.

"Images from Jim Mickle's Cold In July in theaters now!"
"Images from Jim Mickle's Cold In July in theaters now!"
"Cold In July is gripping crime noir with a great cast and flawless execution!"
IFC Midnight

Set in Texas, Cold In July follows the story of Richard Dane (Hall) a simple man who runs a small picture framing business. On one night he encounters an intruder in his house and in a split second his life changes forever. He soon encounters the intruders father (Shepard) and what seems to be the end of frightful nightmare for Dane is just the beginning. Bold and unrelentless Cold In July is a spiderweb of violence and deceit that is a movie fans ultimate vice.

The performances and look of Cold In July are equally impressive but it’s hard not to see the overall tone of the film change when Don Johnson arrives. He plays a private investigator that has been tracking Shepherd's son and reveals that there is more going on than what the naked eye can see. He brings a humorous tone to the film that only great execution by Don Johnson could deliver and will leave you with a sinister smile on your face when you watch him on screen.

The slow burn of Cold In July is actually welcoming primarily due to the great performances of each cast member. It really is an intricate story that has a lot involved so the set up of the story is successful due to the character interaction and the beautiful work of Mickle. From now on when we use words such as grisly, or gritty, the images of Cold In July will be embedded in our subconscious. The reason the reviewed started off by mentioning loved one from the past is this is the type of film your grandfather would have introduced to your lives that would leave a lasting impression. Mickle’s work is fascinating and reaches his pure potential in the devastating last scene of the film. There is a moment of blood splatter that only someone of his caliber could produce and it’s worth every minute.

Cold In July is an impactful thriller and one that will be spoken of for some time. You have to applaud all involved with the film including IFC for picking up such a tremendous title. This is a film we would recommend to anyone; horror fans or not; as it is definitely a drama and it is a film you have to see this year!

Cold in July is now available On Demand and in select theaters. It is directed by Jim Mickle and stars Michael C. Hall, Sam Shepard, Vinessa Shaw, Nick Damici, Wyatt Russell, Don Johnson, Brogan Hall, and Lanny Flaherty. It is being released courtesy of IFC Films.