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Grimm Season 3 Finale Revelations & Reevaluations

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Grimm Finale Season 3


Still gasping for breath after Season Three Grimm finale which lived up to everything a great season ender/cliffhanger should bring to the SCI FI Fantasy table. First of all, Nick has apparently lost his Grimm powers, meaning the very physiology that allows him to see and hunt Wesen. But the ride we took to get there was well worth it because along the way we get Hexenbiest Adelind posing as Juliette, Truble discovering Adelind’s dirty secret and Captain Renard’s really close brush with death.
Adelind posing as Juliette beds Nick using a potion to disguise her but fails to trick new Grimm Truble who with the aid of Captain Renard acquires a potion to stop the Hexebiest’s ultimate goal, destroy our hero. As the wild ride builds to save Nick, Renard is shot by a rogue FBI agent working for the Royals. But Truble lives up to her name when she slices the Weson’s head off after he puts three rounds into the captain and acquires the antidote which will hopefully stop the whammy Adelind’s been brewing up as revenge for losing her baby.
All the action and suspense brews nicely with last minute hitches to Monroe’s and Rosalee’s wedding where the invitation of a Grimm – Nick – among beast guests just might not go so well. After Rosalee’s sister destroys the wedding dress, Monroe’s father offers to replace it – a great gesture since Rosalee and Dad didn’t get exactly get off to a great start.
Sgt. Wu already half convinced he has encountered a non-human beast earlier this season finds Grimm reference volumes while investigating his captain’s shooting. Will Wu finally be let in on the Grimm secret?
Juliette witness to Nick’s romp with disguised Adelind begins to harbor doubts about her relationship. She was after all nearly killed because of her husband’s Grimm status.
These issues however pale to the captain’s shooting and Nick’s loss of powers and these will be very hot topics to deal with in season four!