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Grill-Right Bluetooth BBQ Thermometer by Oregon Scientific review

Bluetooth Grill thermometer to help prepare the perfect meet.
Bluetooth Grill thermometer to help prepare the perfect meet.
Oregon Scientific

Oregon Scientific Grill-Right Bluetooth BBQ Thermometer


Barbeque is something many people go into lightly. Throwing a bunch of coals doused in lighter fluid together, and putting meat on the grill with still black coals. Preheating the coals or letting the lighter fluid do part of the cooking doesn’t seem to matter as most everything is slightly overcooked. Oregon Scientific is looking to help you turn your mediocre event into an unforgettable meal. The have created a barbeque thermometer that will help you make sure you deliver the perfectly cooked meat while still being able to entertain your guest.

The Grill-Right Bluetooth BBQ Thermometer is a thermometer that offers two channels, each can be set to a specific meat and temperature. The large display makes it easy to grab a quick glance at how your food is doing and the percentage marker gives you an idea of when you’re food will finish. All while the large display offers a color option that, for those darker grilling areas, can tell you what the status of the food is at a distant glance.

You’ve probably seen something similar to this before, but this particular unit has a Bluetooth chip built in and can pair with an app on your phone so you can set every detail that the thermometer needs. Your phone will buzz and chime at you when food is, almost done, done and when it is over cooking. Timers, temperatures and even a social aspect of being able to take pictures of what you are preparing showing current temperature, are all a part of the app as well.

This unit is also splash resistant and, even though it’s not listed as a feature, was able to take a decent drop to the cement without much more than a scuff. With the app you are also able to look up thousands of recipes on, so if you are unsure of what to make this can also help with preparation.

It boast a 150 foot wireless range, that while line of sight may be true, depending on the environment you may find that the range is much short, maybe just a room or two into the house. The largest issue with this is that when the thermometer disconnects from your phone it doesn’t reconnect automatically. Testing with two different phones showed that you’ll need to repair the device that does in-app pairing each time you lose connection. If this was paired like a more tradition Bluetooth device there wouldn't be any issue with this, but it is not.

Overall the Grill-Right Bluetooth BBQ Thermometer from Oregon Scientific is a solid and multifunctional thermometer. It’s in depth yet simple display, and simple enough app offer a lot of function. If your entertaining or chores require you to go out of range of the thermometer it will prove to be just another thermometer unless you want to pair it each time. If your entertaining keeps you in eye shot of the grill, it’s large display, useful app and notifications can prove to your best friend since you bought your grill.

You can purchase the Grill-Right Bluetooth BBQ Thermometer for $59.99 and learn more on Oregon Scientific’s site here.