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'Grey's Anatomy': Are April and Jackson at an impossible impasse?

Sarah Drew plays April Kepner Avery on ABC's "Grey's Anatomy."
Photo by Tommaso Boddi

'Grey's Anatomy' Episode 10.21 "Change of Heart" Air Date April 24, 2014


Season 10 of “Grey’s Anatomy” is quickly winding down to its impending emotional end. The intense new installment “Change of Heart” aired on April 25 and finds change on the horizon for more than one character. The toughest challenge, it seems, is for newlyweds April (Sarah Drew) and Jackson (Jesse Williams) who have their first fight over a very complex issue: Faith in God.

April and Jackson’s spontaneous marriage was actually years in the making and after everything they've been through, it's sad their love may be in jeopardy again. But, it’s incredibly hard for two parents with different religious beliefs to raise kids. In their case, being a Christian means everything to April and Jackson doesn’t believe in God at all. Now, April is pregnant. Can they get past their differences and find a way to love each other and their child? Or, have April and Jackson made a tragic and terrible mistake?

Meanwhile, Cristina (Sandra Oh) has to regroup after losing the Harper-Avery Award and it’s wonderful to see Caterina Scorsone reprise her role as Derek’s (Patrick Dempsey) little sis Amelia, who comes to visit her big brother with some big news. Overall, the beloved Grey Sloan docs' lives are stirred up again and as always, we're happy to be along for the ride.

Is Love Enough?

April and Jackson’s relationship has been rocky throughout the series. However, their love seems real and strong and is founded on great friendship. April’s faith has always been at the center of her life and an ongoing source of conflict for them as a couple. April lost her virginity to Jackson, despite spiritual reservations about sex outside of marriage. Her guilt kept them apart at one point, but they always seemed to find their way back to each other.

Jackson’s declaration of love just as April was about to marry Matthew will go down as one of the most romantic gestures in “Grey’s Anatomy” history. April left Matthew at the altar and secretly, happily, married Jackson instead. Let’s face it, Sarah Drew and Jesse Williams have amazing onscreen chemistry. Japril fans were thrilled to see them finally give in to their feelings and run off toward happily ever after.

Unfortunately, it’s suddenly sunk in that having different religious beliefs could have a disastrous impact on raising kids together. April and Jackson have their first terrible marital fight. He calls belief in God “ridiculous” and she is saddened and troubled by his lack of faith. He appeals to her and tells her to table her thoughts about their “hypothetical” children. Too late. April is pregnant. What are they going to do?

Jackson deserves credit for trying to reach out and smooth things over with his wife. He tells her he loves her and was wrong for lashing out and he apologizes. He reminds her they have the same values – he believes in being kind and good and they took vows, which means they should work through this hurdle. She says she loves him too and she’s sorry, too. But, she’s pregnant and scared what the future holds in lieu of their varying beliefs.

Is love enough to sustain a marriage? Or is the matter of very different religious beliefs an impasse they can’t move past? In order for things to work out one or both of them is going to have to make some sort of compromise. If not, April and Jackson’s marriage seems tragically doomed.

Political Ambush

Cristina briefly disappears to absorb the shock of losing the Harper-Avery Award. Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) is furious and has no qualms venting her frustration to anyone who will listen – especially April and Jackson, who are part of the Avery family.

Meanwhile, Richard (James Pickens, Jr.) visits Catherine (Debbie Allen) with the intent of a surprise proposal. Everything goes sour when first, she accuses him of turning up to question Cristina’s loss and second, she reveals Cristina did indeed get the votes to win but it could never happen with the Harper-Avery Foundation owning Grey Sloan Memorial, where Cristina works. Richard is understandably furious and leaves Catherine’s almost-engagement ring on her desk.

Poor Cristina. Poor Richard, for that matter. This kind of political ambush is terrible. We can’t blame Richard for being upset that Catherine used Cristina as a pawn. We're glad Richard tells Owen (Kevin McKidd) the truth so that he can tell Cristina. Who can blame her for walking out of the hospital after getting the news?

Speaking of Owen and Cristina, there are so many things we love about them. It’s sad to know with Sandra Oh’s impending series exit, there will be no happy ending for Cristina and Owen. One thing is certain, Sandra Oh gave beautiful life to the unique, complex and layered character of Cristina Yang. She will be missed and we’ll probably mourn Cristina and Meredith’s dysfunctional friendship most of all.

A Taste of Family Life

Raise your hand if you still miss “Private Practice” too. It’s really great to see Caterina Scorsone back as Amelia shows up to tell her big brother she's engaged to James. Remember hunky James that swept Amelia off her feet in the PP series finale?

Amy wants a taste of family life so Derek gladly passes off the kids to their aunt for the day. Meredith and Derek enjoy hanging out together in surgery and getting busy in the on call room. When they get home from their day of bliss, Amy’s a wreck. She’s feels like she flunked the family life test and she storms out of the room crying.

Taking care of a preschooler and a baby can be daunting for anyone. But, Amelia’s a neurosurgeon. She’s smart. She’ll get the hang of it. We’ve got faith in her. It’ll be fun to see how things play out from here. Maybe she and her hubby-to-be can put in for a Seattle transfer. Who else would love to see that?

Private Practice

According to a “Deadline” report, Leah (Tessa Ferrer) and Shane’s (Gaius Charles) contracts are not being renewed for next season. Nothing, however, has been confirmed about the length of Justin Chambers' role for next season. As it stands, Alex (Justin Chambers) is heading to work at a private practice. Good for him! He deserves more money and a shot at a nice life with Jo. Just because he’s not at Grey Sloan memorial, it doesn’t mean we won’t see Alex. To date, there is no report of Justin Chambers leaving “Grey’s Anatomy.”

Maybe Alex will change his mind, or maybe we’ll get to see Alex in a whole new environment, which could be fun for the show. Is it possible we’re heading toward another “Grey’s Anatomy” spinoff? Would be rather McFun wouldn't it?

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