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'Grey Gardens'

An eccentric family of simple and profound delight enjoys a pure and bohemian lifestyle among the midst of wealth.


By Julie D. Griffin

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Grey Gardens
A member or two of the early 1900's entertainment world if they had started today, would soon  head up a media run mecca live and active enough to drive a Warhol likeness head held between poised and ready expectant legs to even an avid underground.
Greystone Gardens

The now elder hip relatives of Jackie O., some may think the documentary means to demean the part of her family who hid themselves away, while abiding as bohemian artisans, as those long ago beatnik pop artists of a drum and a poem and the perfect beat tune of life and a rhythm some also others forgot to remember. Who ever would have thought that Jackie O. had some laid back cousins, who a member or two of the early 1900's entertainment world if they had started today, would soon likely head up a media run mecca live and active enough to drive a Warhol likeness head between poised and ready legs to even an avid underground and expectant hiding place.

Long ago and far away, some may had a want to portray the film as a means to an update. The floral delight of the heart here seems more that had everyone just only updated to a place of a certain amount as opposed to throwing the lovely family off of a property of secluded lifestyle, at least these ladies had found out the secret of life. Talk, and the art of communication rode high, and they did even for a time allow a paint artist to live among them. The ladies had evolved to a place where they found out that to spend time together and put hours of a moment to that. Some renovation while truly wanted, to go to the place of removing a small family from out of the home just for the reason of the desires of others definitely mounted upon an invasion. While Jackie Kennedy embarked upon the family to finally help them was a good thing though. The documentary shows how cruel and wicked complete family destruction and the mounting and following destruction and removal from the home as cruel as compared to a complete restructuring of a quaint family farm, whose original attempt so beautiful on the face. The interference of a most unsolicitate rehabilitation which really should only have included some rather kind and charitable updates and necessary humane kindness, should have repaired and left the extremely gentle and lovily innocent women intact within the four walls of their own sweet, healing fantasy.

The documentary does a wonderful work which makes a statement which Drew Barrymore explicated even more clearly after she played a near perfect role as the star of the later also true life film. Of art, as some explanation of the original Grey Gardens version. "Domesticity is not to his liking. But he is a passionate man." She reads of each male horoscope for the decibel of divination to find a good husband. The parody of the search. A lovely intellectual examination within a realm of a period of time. Others who want to form a basis for the rejection of the arts, destroy at times that which so tender, precious and beautiful through the use of a boulder heavy duress. And that a progenitor does not even care does carefully express the condition of the category of some heartless men and women of today. Because of the falsity of their own fleeting existence, do not even know how to slow down and take the time to just be real ~ The women here, the two darling mother and daughter Edith Beales of 3 West End, do everything they know to keep the secret crusading witchcraft at bay and hold out and prolongue happiness of life as long as possible. And with such flowing amount of life and the soul of precious charm portray using that wonderful simplicity the joy of what outer life growing on along without them, failed to steal from them. The women find a way to maintain love and joy, and even as the realm of the insane flamed and burned glow, exposed the mental illness of unfounded hatred that reaches out to destroy your private life. And then wants to lie and say it did not do what it did do once you too become public as they facade were. "I was so happy. I was happier singing." So that is only some of what the hatred and jealousy of those who victimized Cinderella wanted to take from her. More taking long after all of the taking had already been elongated done.

In short, I believe that the documentary represents how unkind those who with presumptious ideals already living the fantasy life in large homes, why should they have the right to go to the neighborhood of another and uproot them from their home just because that is something the conqueror only craves or wants. Is there not somewhere else the desiree may go to to find what they want. Must they not cease to prey the happiness of another before it may begin. The film also points out that for others who are happy where they are. if they have enough, why continuously take more from others whose only foundation rests upon the just enough, which makes them happy. The theft of the happiness of others a wicked sediment which forms a ball of discontent at the base of a primal brain, why these others feel the need to take from others what little God original born to another whether a child, a little cottage or whatever it may be makes no sense whatever. Likely, the very reason, that in,"2010, the film was selected by the Library of Congress for preservation in the United States National Film Registry as being "culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant."

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