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Organic is in. Green is in. However you want to phrase it, it is in. It is also a very important part of the wine industry. Organic wines are not only more wholesome, but they actually taste cleaner. The whole process is organic. From the dirt to the bottle. The wines produced from Snoqualmie Winery are phenomenal wines from Washington State. Crisp, clean and refreshing.

Snoqualmie Eco Cabernet Sauvignon Grown 100% organically, this Cabernet is a combination of 75% Cab and 25% Merlot. The body is not what you might expect when opening a Cabernet. It is much lighter than your typical Cabs, but that is not a bad thing. Unless you only drink heavy leathery Cabs…. This is the perfect wine for folks who want a smoother cab option to pair with their juicy meat or heavy pasta dish. Aromas of cherries linger, while cherry, and dark berries consume the palate. Spice lingers on the palate. If you stray away from Cabs because they just seem to be too BIG for you, give this elegant smooth Cab a try.

Snoqualmie Columbia Valley Whistle Stop Red Blend 2010 is another Cab Sauvignon and Merlot blend. Except this time it's 70% Cab to 30% Merlot. A Bordeaux style blend, this wine really highlights the two grapes that are blended. Berry aromas with herbs and slight cherry on the nose are a nice "Hello" when sniffing this wine. Black fruit and sweet oak greet your palate. Medium in body, but full in flavor, this wine is sure to please your palate. The freshness can certainly be detected when savoring this wine. Dare you to not finish it in one night.

Locations in Arlington to purchase wine:

The Liberty Tavern
Grand Cru Wine Store

As always wine can be purchased on the Snoqualmie site. Suggested retail price for both wine is $10

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