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Green Day's "Demolicious" showcases rough cuts from their previous albums

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After the release of the Trilogy, many were left wondering when we would see a new release from Green Day. They have finally given us the answer. This collection of demos from the aforementioned Trilogy was released exclusively for Record Store Day (so far). While it's a great addition for Green Day collectors, it may not be for every fan. This release gathers demos of 18 tracks from the three albums. None of the songs are drastically different, but there are subtle changes that can make you appreciate the songs more.

There are a number of standout demos that outshine the studio versions. "99 Revolutions" has a stronger, noticeably punchier sound. Something about the raw energy, the unpolished vocals, and the overall brash sound makes it sound better than the final version. It has the classic Green Day sound that some felt was missing from their last albums. Same goes for "Ashley," which has more of a punk rock vibe thanks to the rawness of the track. "Baby Eyes" opens with a stellar riff from Mike Dirnt that should've been in the final version and an acoustic version of "Stay the Night" is a treat for all Green Day fans.

A drawback to this collection are the lack of unreleased tracks. There were a couple floating around the Green Day community that still haven't been released and this seemed like the perfect chance to do so. The only “new” song on here is the lackluster “State of Shock.” The demo isn't bad, but thanks to the sub-par sound quality it's hard to get a good feel for it. It's one of those songs that'll eventually grow on you; it just doesn't grab you the first few times you hear it. The lyrics aren't that interesting and there's nothing particularly outstanding about the music.

While it's a decent enough release that'll keep fans tied over until the boys release their next album, it's not for everybody. Those who love picking apart demos and are collectors will love the LP. Those looking for new material from the guys or didn't like their previous albums in the first place may want to skip this one.