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Green Day's American Idiot now playing at The Fox

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Green Day's American Idiot


Based off Green Day's album American Idiot is the interesting made for Broadway production. The musical is self described as the groundbreaking Broadway musical because it is quite a different speed from The Lion King recently on the Fox stage or any classic musical before it - it is different.

The musical follows the lives of three teens living in Suburbia - all trying to leave Suburbia for the big city. One gets caught behind with his pregnant girlfriend, one enjoys the independence of the city, and the other ends up joining the military. Overall, the musical is rebellion in all forms - drugs, sex, rock n roll, career choices, life choices, relationships.

This musical may not be for grandparents and kids. It's definitely rated R in language and context. It's rated R in rebellion with it's context of the musical and rebellion in fitting in with other musicals that have donned Broadway stages.

Green Day fans will enjoy the live band and actor rendition of the songs. The cast is strongly filled with triple threat actors - singing, acting, and dancing.

This musical is different and it's rebellion of this generation.

Now playing through Sunday, May 4th at The Fabulous Fox Theatre. Tickets available through and the Fox box office.