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Green Bar and Kitchen: Delicious food made with love!

Health Coaches lunch at GKB
Health Coaches lunch at GKB
Photo Courtesy of Jackie Jacobs

Green Bar & Kithcen


Green Bar & Kitchen is one of those places you go to eat amazing food that is good for you. With dishes like the GBK burger, GBK bowls, avocado toast (life changing avocado toast!), coconut thai soup, bountiful salads and house-made desserts. Check them out for plant based foods that won't leave you missing beef or chicken. Everything is super satisfying and made with love.

A group of Health Coaches that attended the Institute for Integrative Nutrition had a group lunch here recently to enjoy the amazing eats and discuss positive ways to help others through clean eating and healthy living.

This examiner tried the avocado toast - you will want to eat this every day! A simple yet totally delicious dish. Wraps are made with Sami’s Bakery soft gluten free wraps filled with hummus, avocado, fresh veggies or get the one with roasted veggies that is equally delicious.

The interior is welcoming and bright, super clean and energizing. Their food philosophy is based on clean plant based eating, utilizing gluten free grains, nuts/seeds, fresh produce to create vibrant salads, soups, veggies and grain bowls, tasty dips, sandwiches, smoothies, freshly made cold-pressed juices, raw and gluten free desserts. Eat here and you will feel the difference. Many times when dining out, a meal will leave you feeling tired, bloated, run down and in need of a coffee pick-me-up. When you dine at GBK, you have an extra bounce in your step from eating healthy foods that make you thrive. The service there is super helpful and friendly as well!

The co-owner is Elena Pezzo, she is a certified Health Coach and attended the Institute for Integrative Nutrition where she learned that the foods you eat can change your whole life! Read the eat to live page on GBK’s website: and her powerful story about her brother, Anthony making a recovery from a stroke with the help of prayers and Elena using her knowledge of super foods to help him gain back his life. Watch the incredibly moving video:

“When you eat at Green Bar & Kitchen you are eating live, healthy and healing foods meant to make you feel alive with energy, vibrancy, strength and radiance.” ~Green Bar & Kitchen

For live updates on what is new and delicious, check out and Like their facebook page:

1075 SE 17th Street
Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33316