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Green banana flour: the next big gluten-free and paleo ingredient?

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WEDO Gluten Free Green Banana Flour


Back in the old days, if you were looking to make gluten-free baked goods in your home, your only option was rice flour. Now there are a myriad of different gluten-free flours and blends on the market, but perhaps none as unique as a new product offered by WEDO Gluten Free. They have developed an innovative flour made from, of all things, green bananas.

Although it may not sound appealing, this is a versatile flour boasts qualities that resemble whole wheat in many ways; it’s dark beige in color and has a wholesome, earthy flavor profile. How is banana flour made? Unripe green bananas are harvested before the sugar content has developed fully, then peeled, sliced, dried and ground. Surprisingly, then end product does not look, smell or taste like bananas.

Since banana flour is not “grainy” or gritty like many gluten-free flours, it makes an ideal thickener for smoothies, soups and sauces in addition to its versatility in baked goods. Like coconut and almond flours, it’s also suitable for a paleo diet since it is completely grain free. And a little goes a long way. Because of the high starch content, you may require less flour in your recipes than with alternative gluten-free blends.

WEDO Gluten Free Banana Flour is unbleached and unprocessed, with no preservatives added, and boasts high levels of vitamins, minerals and potassium as well. It’s packaged in a small round resealable container that makes for easy scooping.

There are a number of gluten-free recipes available on the company’s website, including a recipe for pound cake and one for banana flour waffles, but feel free to experiment with your own creations. The company is currently participating in a Kickstarter campaign so any and all support from the gluten-free community is appreciated at this time. Happy baking!