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Great destination fishing piers: Pier Pressure

Pier Pressure


Welcome to the second installment of our Great destination fishing piers series. In our first posting we highlighted the Fort Baker pier. Last year it was a prime spot in the San Francisco Bay to view the America's Cup action while bringing in some tasty crab, striped bass and an occasional sturgeon.

Take this tour of California piers from San Diego to San Francisco
Schiffer Publishing

In this posting we feature the recent publication of Pier Pressure, a handsome book that features many of the piers that dot California's Pacific Coast. Author Kathy Schroeder's quest to document these structures started out as a simple wish to locate a listing of them online. Not finding it, she set out on a quest to do so herself.

Growing up on the southern California coast, Schroeder explored piers as a kid. You can tell, from the books'picture display, that she knows that piers offer so much to so many - Not only places to fish but also places to wander and sort out your thoughts or view the shoreline from a different perspective. There are the typical long shots of piers but also pictures of them from underneath the structures....and kids of all ages can remember the fun of playing within the shadows of the massive wooden beams that support the piers.

We also like her democratic approach. Beautifully maintained piers, such as the ones at Avalon and Monterey Harbor are featured. But so are the strictly utilitarian ones, such as the Marine Research Pier used by California Polytechnic University at San Luis Obispo. Schroeder's commentary mixes historical facts with her personal observations. It's a good mix that will make give readers a sense of place - a blessing for those folks who may never have the opportunity to visit these places in person.

You will find page after page of gorgeous shots of these piers, photographed on those sun-kissed days when the Coast offers visitors its most spectacular views. We're glad that Schroeder mentions in her Introduction that many of the piers that tourists now ply were once only the province of industry. And quite a few no longer exist, savaged by the ruthless storms that can quickly turn their sturdy lumber supports into the most fragile driftwood.

Pier Pressure - California Piers from San Diego to San Francisco

Author: Kathy Schroeder

Publisher: Schiffer Publishing Ltd, 2013, ISBN: 978-0-7643-4353-7

P.S. For another view of the Santa Monica pier, check out this posting's video....

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