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Great canine travel gear: Spot the Dog

Mudd+Wyeth Spot the Dog gear
Mudd+Wyeth Spot the Dog gear

Mudd+Wyeth’s Spot the Dog gear


If you travel with your dogs, you know just how important it is to make sure that you can easily keep an eye on them, as well as ensure that they are visible to others. That’s exactly what Mudd+Wyeth’s Spot the Dog gear is designed to do. The company has a collection of highly reflective collars, bandanas and vest designed to help keep your canine companions visible and out of harm’s way.

Spot the Dog Reflective Gear

The folks at Mudd+Wyeth sent me a set of all three Spot the Dog items (collar, bandana and vest) to try for myself, something I was excited to have a chance to do as a frequent RV traveler who travels with three dogs. Even before trying the items, I could see the benefit of these types of items, and my experience with the products matched my high expectations.

Spot the Dog reflective gear is lightweight, so dogs don’t mind wearing it (at least mine don’t), and it definitely makes them stand out in a crowd, even when it is dark. Whether you’re hiking a trail or taking a break at an interstate rest stop, you don’t want to take anyone by surprise when you stroll by with your pet.

All three of my dogs are black, so I am always super-cautious to make sure people know they are with me when walking them at night through the campground, or when stopping for a potty break during evening hours. When they are wearing their brightly colored Spot the Dog gear, I am less concerned that people won’t be able to see them. I also like having a distinctive looking accessory for them to wear when visiting off-leash dog parks.

This gear could also help you keep track of your dog in the event of a mishap, which is fortunately something I have not experienced firsthand. While you should, of course, keep your dogs on a leash at all times (unless they are in a designated off-leash area) when traveling, There is always a chance that you might drop the leash or that they might get away from you. Items like these can make it easier for you to keep an eye on them if they get away and to maintain eye contact as they are on the move.

Multiple Sizes

Spot the Dog gear is available in sizes extra-small to extra-extra large, so there are options to fit dogs of all sizes and dimensions. Measurement-based size suggestions are provided on the company’s website so you choose the perfect size for your pet(s). The large size fit my 75 pound lab perfectly, for a frame of reference.